• Much of Everett's personal history is lost to time, quite literally, but some research can be done into his past, and a few lingering secrets remain to be grasped.

    It is obvious the man did a lot in the two world wars. At a minimum he has been seen on a couple of gravestones dating to the wars, and the Darcy family grave dominates Winchester Cathedral's mausoleum.

    The British Library itself contains some odd records, should you ever be able to access them. Talks of political assassinations concerning his name, friends of his just up and disappearing, the police simply closing the case as 'unresolved' after a month.

    It seems a lot of people have died around Everett Darcy through the 100 years of recorded history on the man.

  • Since his official death at the end of World War 2, Everett has travelled the world, and learned much, slowly forming his opinions with what he wishes to do as his power grows with his age.

    Little is recorded as to what exactly he did in those 80 years, but he has arrived at Haven allegedly seeking to gain allies, find people who agree with his political stances. It seems he's begun to try and amass an army.

    It doesn't take too much looking in to as well to learn the man's hatred for all things to do with authority and leadership, being equalitarian to the extreme, even when it may be impractical. The more people serve under a leader, the more his distrust and dislike for that person seems to grow.

  • Name: Everett Francis Darcy
    Intro: a very tall, wiry gentleman in his mid-twenties.
    Birthdate: June 14th, 1890
    Deathdate: June 14th, 1914
    Age: 130
    Archetype: Vampire
    Society: Hand
    Occupation: Art critic and curator, amateur historian