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Ezriel Lodevico

Basic Info
Affiliations: Blackfield Institute; The Academy
Date of Birth: August 21st
Place of Birth: Richmond, Virginia
..::Ezriel Alan Lodevico::..
I've said too much; I've said the wrong thing remembering
The image that I was trying to project to you
I've cast an illusion and I think I'm losing my head...
Sometimes I feel like I can be what you want, but... I've opened up the flood gates
Again to another man who controls the pain but never says anything...

Due to the Raincoat Games, Ezriel is one of the unlucky few who had forgotten everything he ever knew about the supernatural.
"...By Tomorrow, I'll be faced with my Maker... and he'll take me gently by the hand..."

He doesn't speak too much about his past if he can help it, and most of the information he does share are things one could find by perusing public knowledge websites that list semi-private information, whether paid for or offered freely. His father was Italian, mother Irish, and both have passed due to diseases that they could never have prepared for, or properly treat for longevity. His father developed a very rare, genetic mitochondrial disease that left him quadriplegic before he passed, and his mother suffered respiratory failure from a fatal form of Devic's Disease.

When his parents passed, he was sent under the care of Harrison Rowe, a very close friend of his father. The only documented information after being under his guardianship were a few old medical records that would've suggested Ezriel showed symptoms of developing the same disease that claimed his father, but never confirming one way or the other. Despite the hardships, Ezriel still stands. He stayed with Harrison a while longer, before being sent to Haven to attend school at Blackfield Institute under the assumption that he would "learn everything someone like him would need to learn to live a long, healthy life." Or something.

"And when the sun comes up, we'll be nothing but dust... just an outline in the sand."


"...So don't bring tomorrow..."

"Мне смешно, что это вы миротворец. Милая. Добрый. Дурашливый. Даже если вы гарантированно потерпите неудачу. Спасибо, что пытались понять, за то, что стал моим другом и преодолеваем разрыв, когда язык мешает. <3" - Katyushka

"Nice Things Here..." - Character Name