• Systems of Control, Sociology

    Borne out of a discussion, Franziska enjoys lecturing on the systems of control and otherwise that humans and supernatural alike use to organize themselves and others.

    The Basics

    A bit standard, she's nonetheless trained in offering education in Reading, Writing, and Mathematics.

    "Religious Studies"

    A shell of a class that examines the core beliefs of the students that take it, and what their very foundation of reality is based upon. And perhaps with a few tweaks, here and there...

    The Darkest Magics

    Of course Magic isn't real. But it can be silly, at times, to explore the arrangements of runes, words, pain and blood. Think of it as exploring alternate belief systems, hmm?

  • There was an ever-studious young woman. Quiet - she comes from a quiet, small town from Louisiana. Applied herself to her studies well. While she wasn't the most common sort of student, as she apparently only just started her education in her late twenties.

    But seven years later, she was a newly minted teacher, graduating with a Doctorate in Women's Studies, and a minor in Religion.

    Of course the Blackfield staff were overjoyed to have someone with her particular talents and interests in mind to help guide the new, fresh-faced students of Blackfield Academy...

  • Name: Franziska Cane
    Intro: a pale woman with piercing green eyes
    Birthdate: 19--
    Age: 34
    Archetype: Blackfield Staff
    Society: Blackfield Institute
    Occupation: General Instructor, Blackfield Academy

    PhD, Women's Studies, Dissertation: A Look at the Forgotten Female-Only Societies, their Challenges and Triumphs

     MS, Educational Instruction
      BS, Religious Studies
       AA, Integrated Studies

  • The Mephistopheles of Los Angeles

    Are we Fated? Faithful? Or Fatal?

    The Other Side

    You... you are so precious. A diamond in the rough... and when you try to escape? I'll be holding on.


    Can't you see that you're lost without me?