• Blackfield:

    Starting in the fall 2017 semester, Fritz has been an on-again, off-again student at Blackfield college, which is where he learned of what he is and the true nature of the world. By most accounts, his campus experience was a generally fun, exciting time; his off-campus experience, not so fun, but it taught him lessons in spades nonetheless.

    Rescued and Rescuer:

    Details are a little hazy, but the gist of the story is that the young man was rescued in the nick of time from a pack of werewolves by the Samaritans, a group of bikers who protect the weak and unaware to the best of their ability. It wasn't long after that that he joined the motorcycle club, dedicating himself to helping Jack, Briar, Nova, Arvin, and the rest in protecting the innocent.

    Calamity and Descent:

    On the road with the Samaritans, disaster struck, as it often does to do-gooders. The Club has been nearly wiped out across the nation, owing to attacks known by some in the supernatural community to be orchestrated by cultists of Et-Aral. Some of them survived and filtered back into Haven; Fritz was one of them, and, having seen firsthand the nature of the world, he'd changed, allowing more of his power and sin to dictate his actions.

  • "Everybody loves Fritz."

    Other than the ones who don't, at least. Friedrich, known to nearly everyone as "Fritz," has once more resurfaced in Haven, Massachusetts, appearing as abruptly and without explanation as he usually does. Seemingly drawn back to the sleepy town by the gates, the biker has once more taken up residence on Blackfield campus, and apparently has also taken a contract with the group as an instructor of sorts.

    While he's crossed paths with a number of familiar faces, some seem less excited to see him than others, and apparently, at least one has died shortly after his return.

  • Name: Friedrich Krause
    Aliases: Fritz, Fritzkrieg, Snickelfritz,
    Fritz and the Tantrums, Fred
    Weasley, East Berlin
    Intro: a tattooed, inky-bearded man
    Age: Mid Twenties
    Birthplace: Hannover, Germany
    Associations: The Samaritans;
    The Hand;
    The Summer Court
    Occupation: Blackfield Contractor;
    Property Development;
    Petty Crime
    Criminal Record: Lengthy; includes assault and battery, petty theft, burglary, possession with intent to distribute, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, and others

  • Fritz's Corner

    Piss away potential
    Everyday is a waste
    And I'm wasted everyday
    There's nothing much else for me to do
    And that includes you, and that includes you

    Beat on the Brat

    With a brat like that always on your back
    What can you lose?
    What can you do?