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Haley Olsen

Name: Haley Olsen

Archetype: - Vampire

Faction: Blackfield Academy - Advanced Student

Occupation: Student at Blackfield Academy

Theme Song: Don't Be Scared - A.R.E. Weapons


+What I'm Doing in Haven+

So Haley had an awesome life in Oslo, Norway, the place she was born, and it was simply the best. Then her parents decided to move to New York City, USA, and all of a sudden Haley lost everything she knew. Friends, places, her world turned upside down. She had to deal with mastering a new language in English, it was a pain. Making matters worse, she was ridiculed, bullied, and found it very hard to make any friends. She was alone, and she hated her parents for ruining her life. Somewhere along the way from Middle School to High School, she decided to runaway from her life. She left everything behind, and lucky for her wound up with fellow gutterpunks who taught her the ropes of survival on the streets, how and where to steal, how to find food, all the essentials. The more confident she grew in her skills and abilities to survive, the more she started experimenting on her own, starting to travel, and eventually she got to Haven. She only lasted 4 days on the streets of Haven before winding up in Blackfield Academy, thanks to an unplanned run in with the Headmaster of all things.

+Where I fit in a Supernatural World+

Long story short, when she was 15, someone who was very helpful to Haley turned out not to be such a cool guy. In fact, he was totally a vampire, and he totally turned her. He also totally bailed on her, leaving her utterly confused, suffering and very much lost. She survived mostly on bloodlust taking over, never quite recalling what happened, but it was enough. She figured out some things were wrong, but not having gone through schooling, and not having read books or seen movies since her escape, she didn't really know what happened. It's only recently in Haven, that Haley learned a little more, and she's just starting to comprehend how different she really is. One of the things bothering her the most is the fact she's just about 19, and still looks 15.

+How I Cope with the Lurking Horrors+

Until very recently, Haley did no coping whatsoever, she was in denial about her nature. She knew something was bad when she woke up for the first time after being turned, but with no Sire, and no guidance, she was a lost soul. She figured out food does nothing to her, but she didn't know what would sustain her. Bloodlusts kept her going, but usually she'd wake from a stupor, not realizing why there's someone dead next to her, feeling lucky whoever murdered the victim spared her. Now, at Blackfield Academy, she's only starting to learn of the sorts of horrors that lurk, and the fact she may well be a horror herself, and she's not quite certain what to make of it. Only thing she knows is that for the first time since she started living on the streets as a runaway homeless teen, she is very much afraid.

RP Hooks

ø Fledgling Vampire - Haley is a freshly minted vampire, and she is very much clueless. However, seeing how she's no Alicia Silverstone, being clueless might prove lethal. Any older vampire who wishes to train her, potentially become her Sire, or even take advantage of her innocence might find some play with Haley. Similarly, those who hunt vampires may be after her all the same.

ø Blackfield Student - So technically, Haley is a 15 year old, which makes her an Advanced Student at Blackfield Academy. Funny story, she's actually 19, and she really doesn't like being taken for a kid. Funnier story? She's been a runaway for most of her life, so her schooling is utterly lacking if not venturing on non-existent. Her handwriting is terrible, her math sucks, she doesn't know much about history or literature, so despite being designated an Advanced Student, it's likely a Basic Student can outperform her. Any sort of interaction between students is very much welcomed, as Haley will have to adjust to what it's like to actually be in a school, and a boarding school at that. She's not used to uniform and rules and such. Definitely not used to studying.

ø Death School - So generally, Haley is a rebel, she does her own thing and hates authority. But there's a problem, Blackfield Faculty aren't your everyday faculty, and on top of it she's seen some death, experienced friends dying, and realized that as safe as everyone tells her Blackfield is...it's not necessarily the case. Haley is starting to be afraid and tries to maintain her tough act.

ø Trouble Comes Around - Living in the streets, Haley soon found out smoking, drinking and drugs are some of the most accessible form of medicine around. She dabbles and enjoys, anyone who can offer her the good stuff might become a friend in no time.

Supernatural Outlook

ø Vampire - Some of the gifts that Haley inherited as a Vampire from her maker, whoever he may be, are night vision, hypnotism, acute sight, acute smell and acute hearing. As she learns more of herself and meets more knowledgeable vampires who may be kind enough to teach her, maybe she could build on those abilities.

ø Thief - While nobody will call her a Master Thief anytime soon, and nobody would recruit her for a proper heist, Haley has survived on a set of skills she honed in her times on the streets. She's handy with stealth and larceny, and is quite the pickpocket. It could be that the supernatural attractiveness she got since becoming a vampire might have a hand in her success, but ask Haley, and she'll attribute it all to skill proper.


"I am beginning to wonder, Miss Olsen, what it is you think we do here? Allow me to answer for you: we make you better, through every means at our disposal." - The Doctor

" The sister I never had. I will help you when you need it. Hang in there :) " - Lilith