• Magical Theory

    More a prerequisite class than a major program, this 100-level class delves into the history and theory of the arcane, the origins of magic, and the potential for its usage. There will be no lab.

    Supernatural Biochemistry

    Cover topics relating to the makeup, compounds, and reactions of chemicals and elements in the supernatural body, relating specifically to the unique functions therein. Lab will follow lecture.


    For those students wishing for unlisted courses and topics of further detail, Professor Schmidt offers one-on-one or group tutoring. Students are welcome to contact her at 712-5600.

  • "Doctor Spilsbury is a practitioner of medicine, Dalton. I am an autopsy specialist. It will take significantly more effort to find your way into my unit."

    Hannah Schmidt was born in Canton, Massachusetts, and has lived pretty much everywhere within a 200 mile radius of that town. She officially went to 'high school' in Boston, taking dual credit courses at Boston University enough so that she was able to graduate high school and accept an associate's degree simultaneously at the age of 16. By 18, she had completed a bachelor's degree in forensic pathology due in no small part to a number of romantic relationships between herself and the administration of the University, later uncovered..

    After appealing the University Board's decision to strip her degree, the chairman allowed that she would be able to keep her degree, with one provision: She would finish out her studies in science at Blackfield College, where he himself had graduated. She accepted in desperation, and soon found herself, for the first time, in Haven.

    Her introduction to the supernatural, at the Blackfield Institute, was abrupt and traumatic. As a College Student, a newbie, and a natural, she found herself the target of bullying and assault, by mundane and mystical means, on a number of occasions-- a number she likely remembers, but doesn't speak on. Excluded from virtually every clique at school, as well as looked down on by her professors, she found herself without any protection or recourse.

    The four longest years of her life, devoted to study at the college and internship, attendance, and residency at the clinic, earned her an honorary Blackfield doctorate and a prestigious, if largely arbitrary role as the Assistant Lead Analyst in charge of Pathology. She gives lectures and leads lab at the Blackfield College, and fills in at the Nurse's office when need be.

  • Name: Doctor Hannah Schmidt
    Intro: a vapid, bell-hipped young thing
    Birthdate: September 11, 1993
    Age: 24
    Archetype: Blackfield Staff
    Society: Blackfield Institute
    Occupation: Director of Pathology, Blackfield Clinic
     Instructor, Blackfield College
      School Nurse, Blackfield Academy
    Education: MD, Pathology
     PhD, Education
      BFD, Supernatural Studies

  • Let It Go
    Why aren't we doing it, doing it, doing it, anymore?

    I Can Feel A Hot One

    And I felt love... Again.

    November Was White, December Was Grey

    But someday soon, when the spring brings the sun... I'll finally sleep.


    But me, I'm not a gamble. You can count on me to split

    The love I sell you in the evening, by the morning won't exist.