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Helene Cloud

Name: Helene Cloud

Archetype: Angelborn - Active

Faction: The Order - Librarian

Occupation: Chef, Restaurateur

Theme Song: Bluebird - Alexis Ffrench


+What She is Doing in Haven+

Helene Sigurdsdottir was born a slave to a long line of slaves serving an ancient Godchild of Germanic origin. While she trained with her father as a goom, and while she trained with her mother in the kitchen gardens, her budding culinary skills were easily seen, and she was placed in the kitchens. Beginning as a scullery maid, she was taken under the wing of Mrs. Abigail, the chef of the kitchens. By the time Abigail retired from the position, she made her recommendation and an 18 year old Helene was running a very busy kitchen. One day, a dark haired man approached her owner, and Helene was sold into his service. Sent to Haven, she tended to her master's properties and served his allies in town.

The woman had been in Haven for eight months when she walking home from a foraging trip gone wrong, and it started to rain. A man pulled up and offered her a ride, taking her back to her home. A friendship began, and she eventually came to love him. Earle and Helene were married quietly, and he finally succeeded in buying his wife's freedom a few months later.

Helene has now settled into a new life in Haven, running a catering company out of her farm-to-table restaurant, Rhubarb Kitchens.

+Where She fits in a Supernatural World+

Helene was born a passive Angelborn and lived that way her entire life. There came a day, however, when she was foraging in the woods around Haven and found herself far too deep. A minotaur came upon her and attacked. It was in that moment, so close to the gate, that something woke in her blood. With a burst of hysterical strength, she broke free and took off, running faster than she had ever run before.

The following weeks were a terrifying time for the newly activated woman. Plagued by deep anxiety and crippling disorientation, she stumbled through her initiation. The lateness of her awakening only added to the confusion as her abilities began to manifest as swiftly as they always do for others in her situation. In a desire to use her change in fate for some good, she joined the Order, serving as a Librarian.

The mental distress has begun to fade, leaving her with a deep understanding of just how much she needs to learn. Her free time is doggedly dedicated to study, and an eager mind is constantly turned to review.

+How She Copes with the Lurking Horrors+

Helene is no stranger to the darker, more torturous side of the Supernatural; the scars on her back are proof enough of that. A lifetime of slavery and service gave her an invaluable set of skills, however, ones that allow her to survive. Leaning on them and those around her, she plots a steady and quiet course through life, lingering unobtrusively on the edges.

RP Hooks

ø Rhagost - Helene's home

ø Freed - She is no longer a slave, and the transition isn't easy.

ø Nurturer - Whether it's food or a sympathetic listening ear, Helene just wants to help.

ø Arcanist - As a budding cryomancer, she dedicates a large amount of time to studying the things she needs to know.

Supernatural Outlook

ø Culinary Arts - Helene is the Chef/Owner of a locavore, made from scratch restaurant named Rhubarb Kitchens, out of which she also caters. She often offers to cook for people, providing a free meal and kind company.

ø Ritualism - An upcoming ritualist, she employs a folk magic approach to her craft with the magical properties of herbs and other natural elements.


"Mrs. Cloud. I knew you were an angel from the first glimpse. Thank you for being my wife and partner. With your nurturing, I grow to be more than I was." - Earle

"Comment." - SaidPerson