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Huong Nguyen

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Huong Nguyen


Sex: Female
Birth Date: 12/25/1997
Race: Vietnamese/Asian
Occupation: Art Teacher/ College Student
Theme Song: Whataya want from me?

Supernatural Outlook

What the hell is this? Oh I didn't know I could do that. Waiiiittt! Say that again?

More about me

Born in Sapa Vietnam, Huong has not always been the docile woman she is now. Terror seemed to tread in her wake making her the perfect punching bag to a drunk father, an affection withholding mother and two siblings that never made it past six months old. This had caused the young miss to simply find herself alone save for one.

There is one person of her past, a friend close as family. To her, this person was the meaning of family. He helped shepherd her into being a typical teenager, teaching her everything she knows about the world. When she was sixteen he was murdered in front of her while trying to protect her, leaving her alone.

Six months after the loss of her best friend she found herself shipped Stateside to study and never left. Currently she studies art and also teaches art to the students at Blackfield as a contracted Art teacher.


~ Painting. ~ Etiquette. ~ Dabbling in cooking ~ Reading ~ Tutoring in Korean or Vietnamese

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Notes on file

"Quite honestly, one of the sweetest, angelic women I've ever had the pleasure to work with. Such grace, and tenderness. With the right push... she'll go quite far, indeed." - Ri

"The Ying to my Yang, I will always be there for you one way or another" - By Ty

"Hey, so... thanks for saving my life." - Cameron