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Isabella Bishop

Full Name: Isabella Osana Bishop

D.O.B: Unknown, 26 years of age

P.O.B: Unknown, Europe

Current Residence: Haven, Massachusetts

Archetype: Demigoddess

Occupation: Apothecarist, ritualist, arcanist


+What I'm Doing in Haven+

Isabella was born centuries ago in Europe. She comes from a long line of arcanists who worship the Old Gods and practice both black and white magic. In her mid-twenties she traveled with some of New England's earliest settlers to Massachusetts, where she was eventually accused of witchcraft and condemned to burn at the stake. Unlike the unfortunate souls who were wrongly accused of witchcraft, Isabella was most certainly a practitioner of the dark arts, and in attempt to save herself she performed a ritual to hurtle herself through time. She left everything she knew behind and awoke in what we know today as Haven, deep within the outer forests. There she would stay in hiding, though her magic was weak and faulty and she would continue to move through time abruptly and unexpectedly. With each jump she would lose more and more of her past memories, but managed to maintain her identity and pertinent knowledge. In what she hopes is the last leap, she has landed in present day Haven and has built herself a home as she grows accustomed to the modern world.

RP and Antag. Preferences

I want to start off by saying that I am very laidback and patient. I prefer quality over quantity and like to have fun.

Haven is a place for horror and that is what I expect first and foremost. I play all my characters as 'low/no consent' (meaning all scenarios are permissible) but if you are unsure of something, feel free to reach out.