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Isabelle Vadasra

Isabelle Vadasra

(¯`·._.·isolation in a myriad of colors·._.·´¯)

(¯`·._.·"I'd do anything to leave Haven, but I know I can't."·._.·´¯)


"So... this town kind of sucks."

Isabelle Vadasra was lured to Haven under false pretenses and has struggled to find her place. Prior to her arrival, she was a starving artist pursuing a graduate degree in fine art. Her paintings were odd - often layered with colors and textures that disappointed faculty and confused Isabelle. She would imagine something plain like an apple or a portrait of her best friend. But as she neared the completion of her work, she felt compelled to include jarring (and horrific) additions. She almost always hated the end result and fell into a deep depression, questioning whether she had ever had any artistic ability.

Since arriving to Haven, Isabelle hasn't needed to look too far to find trouble. She can feel the dissonance between herself and the Havenites and she loathes them for it. Her shaky living situation, sensitivity, and bitterness have brought out the worst in her. She is prone to lashing out, falling into paranoia, and spells of depression.

"Why are all the Havenites so arrogant? Do they think I'm blind?!"

Isabelle isn't sure if she fits in the supernatural world. She doesn't feel like she does at all. When she arrived, she had dreams of finding a patron and opening an art studio. Now, she struggles through each day and turns to art and alcohol for escapism.

"I'm fine, truly."

Isabelle copes with the Supernatural poorly, if judged by her peers and/or an objective audience. If Isabelle is judging herself, she is an even harsher critic. She knows she has done piss-poorly on many fronts and has no shortage of unspoken regrets.

Art, alcohol, novels, and her few friendships keep her from the brink of irrevocable anguish.

RP Hooks and Abilities

Finding Beauty in Tragedy


Isabelle seeks her muse in the living horrors of the Supernatural world. She's already here and can't escape - shouldn't she make something out of it? Shouldn't she make something of herself? Her yet-to-be-discovered muse might be a person, an emotion, or a life-changing experience. She aims to find out.

Isabelle has an intense need for catharsis in a life that is filled with stress. While she would never admit it to anyone (least of all herself), she thrives when her perspective is forced to shift. Pain makes her feel alive, though she doesn't derive sexual pleasure from it.

Sensitivity and Empathy

Fierce Loyalty

Isabelle is sensitive to the Supernatural and has had more than a few glimpses of things that she can only hope to forget. While she loathes most Havenites, she is deeply empathetic and will sacrifice her health and happiness to aid others in need.

While Isabelle has had her trust broken a few times since coming to Haven, she remains a fiercely loyal friend. This is a double-edged sword - she often goes too far in an attempt to right a perceived wrong.

"Before I go, I just wanted to say..."

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