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Isaiah Reegan

Isaiah Reegan


Name: Isaiah Reegan
Birthdate: April 4th, 1890
Hair: Black/Dark Brown
Eyes: Red
Ethnicity: Romani and Irish Traveler
Affilations: The Cheeky Bastards


Though he'll never show it, Isaiah is a man that is easy to piss off- but his Wrath isn't something abrupt and violent; he's cold and calculated with his actions and will always bide his time. He'll alter your life piece by piece and watch you suffer, or perhaps even send one of his fabled goons to pick you up so that he can enjoy that suffering firsthand.


There's no denying a man in a position like his enjoys a particular type of woman. While he's typically wont to play the part of the gentleman with ladies, in truth it's often apparent this fellow is anything but that. He's insatiable but patient, and the only advice he has to give is to not get your hopes up about being his one and only.


He wants it all: the power, the fame, the money, the respect, and he'll do nearly anything he has to do to get it. He collects followers like trophies and broken hearts grow in his garden, and if there's something out there that he can't buy, he's happy to take it instead.


He's the best, and he knows it. He's top dog in his company, the boss of his society, and the patriarch of his family- snatched from his eldest brother, Josiah. In his mind, anyone looking in the mirror more often than he does clearly has too many flaws. He's unbothered, and moreover he can't be bothered, if he thinks you're below him? Well... Your request will be delegated to the appropriate party.



Isaiah Reegan

Everyone's a whore. We just sell different parts of ourselves.


Ah darling, the messes I've had to clean up. I miss you. Riah

Noelle Swann

What have we done? Elle