\ Haven:Mist and Shadow Characters/Jane


Name : Jane

Archetype : Human

Age: 35

Faction : Temple

Theme Song: Where is my mind?


The night of the crimson rain Jane showed up in Haven disoriented and recollecting little beyond a claim of awakening recently from what she was told was a coma. In the ensuing days after the fateful storm she like many others set about to try and pick up the pieces after. A van she was being transported in was found by HSD with her picture alongside several documents, the first of a set of clues to shed light on what happened, why she was suffering from amnesia and the decisions that had her transferred to Haven.

RP Hooks

+ Who are you? - This is a mystery even for Jane who has been trying to figure out who she was and where she belongs.

+ Dreams - Though Jane is very much a real person, she has spent a lot of time in a dream world where she has come to thrive.

+ The Supernatural - Jane wants to find, categorize and document all that she can about the supernatural within Haven. For what purpose it's yet to be seen, but if it's there she's interested and likely to go nosing around.


"I like you, you're fun. I'll be waiting." - Abel

"You know, the whole, 'we need to chat' gives me flashbacks to the literally thousands of times Dad would tell me off." - Sua

"I appreciate you helping me understand this world a little better and feel safer in it. I'm glad we have you on our team." - Voia