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Jethro Teague Mac Durnin

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Jethro/Teague MacDurnin

Born in Dublin, Ireland to Elizabeth Talbot and Doyle MacDurnin. Jethro Macadurnin is my legal name, but I'm known in Ireland as Teague, as no son of Doyle's was going to go around introducing themself by a non Irish name, even if it was their real one.

What I'm Doing in Haven

Growing up in Dublin was alright. But then everything changed. Everything. I started seeing things that I could swear werent there. Weren't real. That's not even counting all the nightmares I had. I talked about them with my friend, but the funny thing was that a different one of them had a different nightmare that I'd had. I was having their dreams. Sometimes I still do. The doctors said that Blackfield could help... But I'd have to move to America. So here I am.

Fitting in a Supernatural World

Well I'm only human, except that I can still see you when you hide in that horrifying realm that exists between asleep and awake, and maybe if something gives you nightmares, just maybe, I'll know. So where does that leave me? Do I fight back against the things that go bump in the night? Do I teach you how to? Do I hide my own darkness? The one thing I know for sure is that if I want to keep my friends safe from the monsters, I might have to become one myself, and I'm ready to try if it comes to that...

Coping with the Lurking Horrors

I'm not sure you can call what do "coping" in a strict sense, but my method revolves around staying true to who I am, even when the world wants me to be something I'm not. I rely a lot on my relationships with my friends. They're as much my anchor and my rock as the bible and my religeon are. You can come at me with your best shot and if I'm not still standing when it's done, you can best believe I went down protecting someone who is.

More About Me

I introduce myself as Teague MacDurnin most of the time, but my birth name is actually Jethro MacDurnin. Pa wasn't happy with that, but Ma is English and she's the one that got to name me. Pa is Irish and really that made for a bit of a secretive childhood. I was born about 6 years after the Troubles ended in Ireland, and I tried to stay out of the general aftermath as much as I could. It helps that I've been in the process of learning Aikido, so I can protect myself and others without causing any serious harm. As I see it we were all put here together for a reason, and all sentient life is sacred.

I'm the Best

And that's that! Just kidding of course, but if there's one thing I'm sure I can do better than anyone else? That's keep it casual. I'm pretty relaxed about a lot of things, and let's face it, being from Ireland? There's not much an enemy here could put me through that hasn't been done so much better by my friends already. Over there? Sometimes a bar fight is just how friends say hello. Of course there's a few things Haven could hit me with harder than Ireland ever could, but I'm not about to make figuring them out easy for you.


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