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Johanna Dorr

I have never felt like this before;
Felt my body
sinking to the grassy floor.
No, I have never known a
love like this –
Felt the
flaming arrows of the Hunter's Kiss.
Hunter's Kiss

Information Compilation

Born in Haven and a resident of the Academy since kindergarten, Johanna Dorr is a quiet artist fond of the surrealist movement of the early 1900s. She remains a reluctant witness to the Darwinism found in the Blackfield Institute, getting juggled between time in the clinic and her lessons as a student.

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Haven, MA
Blackfield Academy
Nerd – Artist

What would you know of Johanna...

Johanna Dorr is the little sister of the Sheriff's officer, Alan Dorr; both were children of Rita and Keith Dorr, who were killed in an animal attack when Johanna was 13. Alan does a lot of tedious policework expected of the HSD, but tries to take Johanna out for a sibling dinner every weekend. This has increased in the wake of Calvin Earl Potter's growing movement, and the loss of Tranquility afterwards.

She asks everyone if they're a werewolf. She might be crazy.

Art and science are Johanna's favorite subjects, though she struggles in the realm of the concrete and tends to approach fundamentals like the latter in the abstract that she's so familiar with. Where other students partake in the status quo of mutual aggression to succeed in the Academy's structure, she tries to keep herself distant.

When Tranquility swept across Haven, Johanna was wrapped up in it like many other Sensitives – though in its wake she seems unchanged, she prefers individuals who were Tranquil as well, and feels great discomfort about anything that breaks the status quo of male and female roles in life.

Making friends doesn't appear to be on her itinerary, and Jo is a nervous peer who balks against lying and self-absorption. She prefers to keep to herself even when in the company of others, focused on her art, her survival, and her continued existence during her adolescence in the Institute. Unsurprisingly, given her clique, she gets along primarily with other nerds – especially tech-savvy and ritual-savvy individuals.

She spends most of her time talking to Blake Granson since the events of Silent Haven, during which she spent much of her time playing Scrabble in silence and has since expressed a longing for the silence again.


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