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Johnny Grayskies

This document represents information collected during a standard, informal supernatural background interview with a man calling himself Johnny Grayskies. No independent verification of the material has been possible.

Johnny Grayskies

Mr. Grayskies states he is a member of the Southern Ute tribe of Native Americans, being half Native and half Caucasian, and that he grew up in Utah. He is married to Lolade "Lola" Grayskies. For employment, he claims to be a ranch hand and general handyman with skills mostly in carpentry and landscaping. Hobbies include shooting, hunting, horseback riding, camping and similar outdoor activities. Some education is claimed, but he is vague about how much except to say he can "read and write and figure a little."

What I'm Doing in Haven

This answer was a bit vague, too. The man spoke of following his "spirit path" from his home to Haven. The reference may be allegorical, but he speaks in a quiet, matter-of-fact manner about himself, the replies short and with the feel of simple factual statements. In this case, "I was traveling with my wife through the badlands and we found the spirit path and followed it here." Hard to tell if he was joking as he is good at poker deadpans.

Fitting in a Supernatural World

Mr. Grayskies denies any supernatural bloodlines. He does state he received training as a tribal shaman from his grandfather when the subject was younger and that he has had encounters with "spirits", which is how he became Aware. He states that the "spirit of the wolf" which protects his people is his guide to the spirit world. Beyond this, the man simply shrugged and told the interviewer that he had no supernatural affiliations, political or otherwise.

Coping with the Lurking Horrors

The shaman training is what Johnny pointed at to answer this question. "I am not afraid of the dark. The spirits of the land and of my ancestors will help me. No man lives forever." There was little else added to this throughout the interview and no sign of bravado or bluster. To all appearances, the man simply accepts the additional dangers that come with Awareness as he would any other threats.

What Next?

Mr. Grayskies denied having any in-depth plans for his visit to Haven. He stated he would like to see the Gates and walk or ride through the forested lands, but he was not sure of how long he might remain or where he might go from Haven. He did claim to have an eventual goal with his wife of buying a ranch of their own, but no sure timeline for the plan.

Final Impression

Johnny Grayskies is more than he seems and gives few clues as to what might be hidden in his story. He is not just a rancher, nor is he just a semi-informed tribal shaman mouthing spiritual platitudes. His hands rested near his hips out of old habit and his eyes were quite shrewd as he focused on me, following my movements at all times. He was never off balance and he never showed any surprise or fear at the topics I raised. Whatever else he may be, he is a man who has seen threats and survived them. Further investigation is warranted.


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