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Jonah Jensen

Everybody has the potential for greatness or insignificance, for goodness or evil; Jonah Jensen straddles the dividing line with surprising skill, but all it takes is one small push. As a well-intentioned, caring son, he looked after his heroin addict mother for years by skipping school and panhandling instead — bouncing in and out of juvie — until one day a naive attempt at ensorcelling his mother off of smack concluded with her overdosing in a frantic, selfish high when the spell wore off. Sent packing to live with his feeble grandparents in Westhaven trailer park, the state mandated that he attend Blackfield Academy due to his guardians' age. Jaded, cynical, streetwise, and sly, the artistically-talented boy struggles to survive his schooling and ward off the gruesome nightmares he scrawls in his sketchbook.

Blackfield Academy Student Artist

Birthdate: July 13th 2002
Hometown: Boston, MA
Preferred Medium: Charcoal

What's on Jonah's Playlist?
Suffer Little Children
John Wayne Gacy Jr.


"You're okay for a queer I guess." - Aiden

"You dream painfully; I can sympathize with that, if little else." - Rohesia

"Like your art. Keep it up man, horror's an underrated genre." - Leon

"Spilled Tea." - CharacterName