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Name : JudithIntro : a bespectacled woman with a platinum blonde bunJob :LibrarianAge :


papyrus fragment translated from Koine Greek c. 420

...Hypatia, beloved, Leandros sends greetings...I know you are gone but also not gone. I will see you when I sleep and...

quote from an occult text in Arabic c. 970

"It is told by ibn al-Nadim that if one wishes knowledge of Allah, praise be to God, a man can train his mind and seek out a great library in his dreams. The keeper there is called Miriam also al-Asturlabi (note: the Astrolabist) and she knows many things."

a quote from medical text in Chinese c. 1560

"...the application of moxa with heat to the patient's skin was perfected by Tan Yunxian, a lady of great intelligence and skill. Her book is an invaluable resource and she can still be found, if a practitioner knows how, in the worlds of dreaming..."

extract from the diary of Lucy Llyod c. 1880

"I dreamed last night of !Kweiten-ta. I know that she cannot read, at least not English or Latin letters, but she stood in an exquisite library and dressed in animal furs and also in the quilted blanket I made for her as a gift. She informed me that she had passed on but had struck a deal with God (whom her people the Khoisan call ǀKaggen - the Mantis) for her stories to be remembered forever. I shall miss her terribly."

text exchange 06/12/2020

ViciousCircle: Library's back up but its all messed. Like most of it's gone.
StudioM: Fuck. what about our research?
ViciousCircle: Not sure yet. Librarian says its rebirthing itself after the massacre. Like a psychic shock wave or somethign. oh, and she ain't the same either. Going by Judith now.


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