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Kara Matthews

Kara Matthews

Kara Matthews, Demigoddess, Daughter of the Sea

What I'm Doing in Haven

Honestly I'm not sure why I am here. Unwanted, unknown, unheard. Maybe I will find my purpose here. I'm in Blackfield now, and there's this boy. He really is something, maybe this won't be so bad after all.

Fitting in a Supernatural World

Do I really fit in yet? Am I one? Honestly? There is so much I don't know, so much I am still learning, maybe I am really not? This whole situation is overwhelming.

Coping with the Lurking Horrors

I see you Earl...Stop chanting about the porno on the professor's laptop.

More About Me

I'm from Anupharis, at least that's the place I grew up until I got sent to this godforsaken shit hole. Mom wanted me to be exposed to more than just those things that are in the God Realms. I guess it's a good thing I look Egyptian, it's easier to say that than say I am some bastard kid from a parent that doesn't give a rat's ass about me. I am making it I guess. Trying new things, stepping out of my comfort zone, and all that sweet contraband. I guess it makes up for itself, the places a girl can hide to enjoy that quiet. Hell, it feels like a thing of the past anymore. Absolutely NO privacy.

I'm the Best

But not really.


"Unwanted. Just like the rest of us." - Levi

"Comment." - Someone?