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Karlette Moore

Name: Karlette Priscilla Moore

Archetype: - Werewolf

Occupation: WestHaven Groundskeeper

Theme Song: ToBeDecided


What She's Doing in Haven

No matter how far you wander or how lost you become, if you listen hard enough you can hear the call of Home. Never being one to shy away from the call that beckons her, she has slowly migrated back towards dear Haven. It has been many years since she's patrolled WestHaven and the Moore Woods but she has thrown herself back into the habit full force. Trying to help Mary with the burden of keeping the Trailer Park clean and orderly(By Moore's Standards) at least within the public eye, Karlette is most frequently seen here. Allegedly she has offered her assistance and aid to the residents living there free of charge - from broken toilets to setting up heavy duty mouse traps.

Stumbling upon the familiar faces one by one of her family has become a fond experience. Perhaps she's a little too sentimental for her childhood but seeing the loved one's she cherished grow individually - despite her disappearing act in her teens - has provided bitter sweet moments to remember thus far.

We'll see how long it lasts in this Sleepy Town called Haven.

Where She fits in a Supernatural World

Fitting in is entirely irrelevant to Karlette's goals, conformity breeds weakness when those in power fail to have their followers best intentions in mind. And in that regard failure is guaranteed. There is a stark and undeniable separation that she upholds between the Mundane world and the Supernatural. While she supports humanities rights towards blissful ignorance, she also holds no qualms with their roles as cattle. Without a personal connection towards the Human it would be rare to see Karlette shedding much more than crocodile tears or practiced empathy on their behalf - if that.

That being said those known who take residence in the Trailer Park are recognized and given preferential treatment, whether they are aware of it or not. They're financial donations (Read: Rent) to Mary and the Matriarch's approval alone is enough to keep Karlette engaged enough in allowing them to live comfortably if nothing else.

This leaves the Supernatural community, which she surprisingly holds no clear loyalty to either. Needless to say she has a distinct dislike towards the undead and all that they involve themselves in. The Hand she views as another prevelant stain upon the Planet, including their businesses and their employees. Demons and their ilk something she avoids tangling with alone because of their power and influence. One might then think she values her fellow Wolves and to some extent they are correct. Though stories and hearsay claim that even stray wolves have been at the brunt of her ire and disgust. Outside of the Moore's it appears her inner contempt for others is all inclusive when the masks of the Mundane world are removed.

Those who know her well know this:

Her loyalty is to the Moores and to the Planet Earth. The fleas that drain the lifeblood from Nature's beating heart will see no pity from her when their lifespan comes to an end, abruptly or otherwise.

(.. To Be Continued.)

How She Copes with the Lurking Horrors

Embracing her infected blood is her answer for everything, including the threats that lurk all around her. She will strike out against those she believes have slighted her, the family, or the sanctity of the planet. She's been loosely connected to various 'Eco-Terrorist' organizations, some that mysteriously vanished shortly after her departure. She has been loosely suspected by some to be involved with the growing animal attacks and killings along the eastern coast of the U.S. as well as throughout Canada over over past decade. Rumours circle around Karlette Moore for potentially being involved in a growing number of Unaffiliated Werewolf deaths and territory disputes. Others claim that her presence in these areas were simply unfortunate coincidence and that 'Hunters' were to blame instead.