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Kiarah Devons

Character Information

Sex: Female

Birthdate: November 7th, 2001

Occupation: Student

Themesong: You Call Me A Bitch Like It's A Bad Thing

What I'm Doing in Haven

What is Kiarah doing? She isn't even sure of that. She is becoming more aware that her temper is out of control. Her mouth cuts more than any blade ever could. She lashes out, and pushes people away. Maybe she just wants revenge. Is she that cold? Yes, she is. Peers would label her introverted and probably too prideful.

Those closest to her before arriving at Blackfield have been rumored to say. "She used to be such a sweet girl, but since her mother died, she changed." Another report says it was due to her father, but will we ever really know? Could her issues have led her here? Only the future can tell with this teenage little heart throb.

Smiles are few and far between, never quite meeting her eyes, is this something that has to do with her mother? Maybe it could be the rumors of what her father did to her. She doesn't talk about those times. Could she be trying to reach out but not know how to voice it?

Will someone eventually break through her walls? Break through to her and convince her she's not the monster she's been told she is? Keep tuned in, updates will be coming.

Where I Fit in a World of Monsters

"I am not a monster." Kiarah has been rumored to say. "I am your fucking nightmare, kill yourself." Isn't she just a peach? Others have been not so fondly dubbed: 'Hitler, Hagrid junior, and Professor Umbridge.' by the foul mouthed teenager. What happened to her?

Is she just mocking them? She seems to be willing to accept there are wolves, vampires, even those elusive fae, but what is she? She won't tell, she is nearly elusive with her personal life as her smiles are.

"You amaze me more and more each day Ki K." - iTy Ty

"You and I have a lot that we can teach one another. I'm looking forward to making that happen." - Luciana