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Killian Dekker

Killian Dekker

A little luck, a little magic, and a killer smile. Works every time.

Character Info

Gender Male
Birth Date March, 13th 2002
Birth Place Berlin, Germany
Faction Blackfield Academy
Association Advanced Class
Description a guy with dark, unruly hair


Story Title

Born and raised by liberal minded parents in the midst of the sex and art crowd in Berlin, Germany, Killian has a worldly viewpoint and a subtle accent to his refined English.

After an invite to study abroad for a year by his American step-sister, Killian found his way to Haven, Mass. and enrolled at Blackfield Academy for his senior year.

Thus far, things have been fairly underwhelming, though he did 'accidentally' tumble a girl into the fountain on his first day. He was of course quite contrite during her heroic rescue, and should probably get his jacket back at some point.

Killian is supernaturally aware but not supernaturally knowledgable, having come into awareness slowly due to a series of by turns fortunate and unfortunate events. He's not particularly concerned, yet.

RP Hooks/Abilities

RP Hooks / Abilities

RP Hooks

Blackfield Academy Student - Self-explanatory, presumably.

Poker Player - Playing for cash, panties, or favors - try your luck.

Foreign Student - Currently doing a year abroad in the states, but not to worry, his English is without flaw.


To be confirmed.

Other Stats

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