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Kim Garcia

Character Information

Sex: Female

Birthdate: November 28th, 1991

Occupation: Musician

Themesong: USS - This is the Best (playlist in link)

What I'm Doing in Haven

Kim dropped out of university to pursue fame and fortune with her band, Clockwork Meow Meow. Things didn't go well, so she's come to Haven with her friend October Everhart looking for a cheap place to crash.

Where I Fit in a World of Monsters

Kim's tangled up in a mess of parasitic relationships with people back in Cambridge and Boston. It's hard to tell who the monsters are all of the time, especially with all the drugs...

Now, though, Kim has decided to take it upon herself to open up an employment agency as a front for providing supernaturals with a way to find work and some measure of protection from the cold war, though its success remains to be seen...

"Kim is a sweet girl. I think she shows a lot of promise – her future can only go up." - E. Rosenberg

"You are and always will be my number 1 bitch, Bassinger." - October

"I demand a rematch and a hug." - GrimeyOne

"Make sure you wash what you return!" - Carter

"You're pretty cool. I really loved meeting you. Just make sure if you're talking about someone, they can't hear you ;)" - Luna

"Kim has the humor that can rival the best of them. Or at least mine because my taste sucks. xoxo " - - El LoBro

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