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Leo Yamamoto

Leo Pierre Yamamoto

"In spite of ego, I do not know myself." - Leo Yamamoto

Character Info

Gender Male
Birth Date November
Birth Place Brooklyn, New York
Occupation Art blogger and sculptor
Association or Society Unknown
Description a bearded Asian male with dark hair and eyes


Story Title

Before Haven: Taking after his father, Leo dedicated himself to the classical arts in all his studies. Studying sculpting with various mediums that spanned over his entire life time. Trained by his father and his mistress, this paved the way for all his studies to be split between Engineering and Classical art, the former being a backup plan.

Going to Haven: He's looking to add to his book of experiences for inspiration for his next piece. He believes the small town charm might help him create something new and unique.

After Arrival in Haven: Yet to come.

RP Hooks/Abilities

RP Hooks / Abilities

RP Hooks

Classical Artist - He studies form with his hands. Sculpting has been a part of his life from a very young age and aspires to revive the ancient forms of art that are dead but famous.

Silent Observer - He keeps to dark places with good music, his friends are few, but he's always watching.

Engineer in Progress - In the meantime, for backup, if his artistic pursuit fails he'll pickup engineering again and do what he has to do to survive.


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