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Lilith Farchild

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Name Lilith Farchild
Archetype Vampires - Vampire
Age 16 years old. was in a 13 years old body, but it has been aged to 20 years old.
Occupation Student at blackfield.
Theme Song Hurt

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What I'm Doing in Haven

I was sent here. Specifically to BlackField. Some days I wish I never came, but there are really nice people there, so I will toughen up, and keep the monster at bay.

Where I Fit in a World of Monsters

I might look like a young girl, I might be slightly older than a little girl. I can hold my own, you can try to kill me. My biggest fear is not any of you. It's me... I don't want to lose my humanity

Well now I have been aged. I am a woman now, I have to learn from a completely different perspective. An adult perspective.

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RP Hooks

  • She loves meditation, and she can help teach you about it too.
  • She wants to succeed, and she has the brain for it, but her 20 years old body is new to her, so she is going to face new challenges.
  • The people she love, she will protect, she is a loyal friend, most of the time.
  • But if she is pissed at someone, she can hold a grudge... even if she acts like nothing is wrong.

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"Hi, been nice... Shit that's my own page. Oops, nevermind." - Lilith

"Thanks for being a friend, I hope we become more than just that." - Haley

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