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Liz Cade

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Liz Cade




+What I'm Doing in Haven+

A young girl, the blood of her mother on her hands, a father horrified of who his daughter was. Angelborn, sent to the Blackfield Academy to learn some measure of control and to never be seen by her father again. Here she has found horror, loss, and the corruption of her blood as she was bitten by a werewolf.

+Where I fit in a Supernatural World+

Fully immersed in the supernatural since she was a child, as her parents worked as field researches for The Order, Liz has known of her angelic heritage ever since it blossomed... her hands covered in the blood of her suicidal mother. Now she finds herself lost in a new kind of horror, the wants of others replaced by the wild call of the wolves.

+How I Cope with the Lurking Horrors+

Cope is... perhaps a strong word. Still being educated at Blackfield Academy, there are many horrors she has to deal with face-to-face, not just the ones which lurk in the shadows.

RP Hooks and Abilities

ø One Hook

ø Two Hook

Budding Werewolf

Traumatized Past

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"It was nice being sisters, while it lasted... You were so sweet." - Wendy?

"Comment." - Said Character

"Comment." - Said Character