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Lolade Grayskies

Name: Lolade Grayskies

Archetype: Dreamchild - Sensitive?

Occupation: Cook, Seamstress

Theme Song: Salvation - Gabrielle Aplin


+ Lola Grayskies: A Short History +

The first record of Lolade Grayskies is found in Colorado just two years ago. She and a man named Johnny Grayskies passed through an emergency room where she was treated for panic attacks. After that, the reports are few and far between. They popped up in Alabama and New Mexico, then again in Ohio.

Something all the reports agree on, however, is the woman's struggle with reality. She's claimed to see things that others do not and is prone to sporadic bouts of amnesia. Each of Lolade's sightings are found in ERs and always with the same diagnoses. There is no record of commitment, as the woman and her husband always disappear before being discharged.

And now there is word that she is near Boston. Whether she'll surface in another hospital room is unclear, but likely.

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