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Luci Hensley

But I don't want comfort. I want God, I want poetry, I want real danger, I want freedom, I want goodness. I want sin... I claim them all.

Brave New World, Adous Huxley
Birthdate Birthplace Archetype Affiliation
10.13.1990 Orlando, FL Human N/A

Just a regular human girl who came to Haven for cheap property to indulge her lifelong dream of opening a bar. Now she's in The Know and life isn't the same, and never will be again, for better or for worse. Owner of a (likely haunted) Victorian house, and a lovely little gothic bar called "Howl at the Moon" which will open... eventually. When she has time. Or energy. . Lustful [Officially]. Wrathful (Not). Diligent and Patient to balance it out. Day drinker, night dancer, wannabe savior, problem child.


Song Name?, Band Name Lyrics?

“You're the only one who gets it, in a lot of ways. But you underestimate the other side of me. How long will you believe I'm sweet? How long will I be able to even keep trying to be?” – Colin

“You're tearing me apart, Luci!” – Violet

“No, but seriously, you're my only stability. The only thing I know I can depend on being there tomorrow. Even if I'm not.” – Violet

“Freedom to choose was the serpent's gift to humanity - and so I find myself wondering how a year with me will change you - and in what direction? No less than I wonder the reverse, truth be told, for your sin is sweet and easy to drown in, and dragons prize their hard won treasure so.” – Blue Dreamboat

“You're one of people that I love the most in this world. You keep telling me you can be mean, but I haven't seen that side of you. Maybe I'm biased and I choose to only see the sweet thing that you are, and that I adore. I am so happy that you have your freedom again; it is a privilege that some of us will never really truly have.” – Ky-Ky

“I went looking for antiques, but I'm glad I found something new. Even if I did make an ass of myself.” – Ethan

“No one really seems to get what really makes you feel alive, huh?” – Chloe

“You are far too smart for your own good, my dear. Wouldn't it be easier to grin and bear it?” – Turner

“I'm sure you won't stop until you've taken my every single cat and won their hearts with that haunting smile only they seem able to earn.. And I wouldn't even mind.” – Nate

“I don't know what I'd do if someone or something hurt you, but I know I'd burn Haven to the ground to keep you safe.” – Cora

“Thank you for everything. I hope one day, I get the change to repay even half of what you did. You're the best person I met in my short life.” – Luna

“I don't know you that much, or for that long, but hell, you're someone I would fight to the end for. So if you have something to say, I will be your exclamation point. ” – Aeria

“You matter to me <3.” – Melinda

“You deserved so much more, and no matter how much you wouldn't let me in, just remember. In death, you still matter to me. I cared.” – Melinda

“There's nothing quite like the smell of fresh potential. I'll be watching you, my dear.” – Turner

“You gave me a second chance at life. No words can express what that means for me. Whatever happens, know you've brought happiness to my life. Thank you. ” – Raq

“Sorry I couldn't help you ... Oh well! Have fun in Blackfield, been real! ” – a "friend"

“The wingwoman she deserves, but not the one she needs right now. But hey - the position of 'friend' is still open, right?.” – Ness