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Luciana Rossi

(¯`·._.· Apprentice ø Divine ø Watcher ·._.·´¯)


(¯`·._.·et in Arcadia ego·._.·´¯)

(¯`·._.·Stepping out of the Shadows·._.·´¯)


Name: Luciana Rossi

Intro: a slight young woman with long black hair

Birthplace: New York City

Education: Expert student at Blackfield

Workplace: White Rekords, Black Musik

Society: Vassal to the Hand

Sub-Faction: Black Circle Apprentice to Nahid, student of Grimar Thorsson

The Story

ø Act I: The baggage we all carry

ø Act II: Give in and let it all go

(Theme Song: Rabbit Heart)

Here I am, a rabbit hearted girl

Frozen in the headlights

It seems I've made the final sacrifice

We raise it up, this offering

We raise it up

(Theme Song: Hedonistic Gene)

Slipping with ease from my feet to my knees

I will please no one else but myself

You are the life force, the lover and savior

I offer my soul as a prize...

The essence of life is to share our delights

ø Act III:

ø Act IV:




"You have now learned some of the harshest lessons of what our world is. I expect you to move forward with open eyes, and impress me thoroughly." - Master

"Are you betting against my school bus?!" - Raq

"You are the best friend anyone could ask for, I will be here for you always." - Marri

"Comment." - Said Character