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Mackenzie Holman

Mackenzie Renae Holman

Heyyy babay! Mack, Kenz, Kenzie, Bitch, Waif. Take your pick

What I did to get here

Momma and daddy don't like a bad girl, and I guess I am /bad/. Breaking and entering, being a bit of a kleptomaniac, magic tits extraordinaire. Feisty, fiery, mouthy, and prideful. I am not the girl to bring home to mommy.

Make it rain

It's like a never ending pit, at least I have a few friends to stick by. Christ who would have thought I would be friends with a fucking jock, and a miscreant. The miscreant, maybe isn't so surprising, like minds and all. I guess it's not too bad, unless you count that shitty meatloaf they try to cram down your throat that makes you feel ALL kinds of funky.

Say my name

Working on this too.

More About Me

Only child, pretty face awful mouth. I'm a tease apparently, and I hope a good one? Would be nice to actually be able to know how that works. But whatevs. Resident virginal slut - guess how that works cause I don't know, maybe I should order slutty clothes and pull that Easy A line. That would actually be funny.

You're still here?

How many times are you gonna make me wait you ask? Til I don't


"i have never loved anybody like i love mackenzie holman." - surma

"I wasn't too much of a dick to you, was I? :)." - Cunt Puppy

"Hey Ferret, see you after class, Ok?" - Cyclops

"You have to realize that people are fallible beings: they make mistakes. They have to be excused from these mistakes. Please forgive yourself" - Roz

"Which side of the fence will you fall off of?" - Wendy

"Smell my fucking finger, Medvedev." - Pea Pod

"Comment." - Someone?