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Marnie Mc Queen

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Name Marnie McQueen
Archetype Faeborn - Mershifter
Age 29
Occupation Salesperson for a perfume and scented candle website
Playlist Music For Marnie

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What I'm Doing in Haven

Marnie is from Schaumburg, Illinois, but since the age of 18, she's been travelling around North America. Haven is the latest town on a long list of new starts.

Where I Fit in a World of Monsters

Marnie has only recently discovered that such things exist. Finding out she is one of them is scary, but also something of a relief. Maybe she isn't as crazy as she thought she was?

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RP Hooks

  • Safe Haven - With a new place to live, perhaps Marnie can finally settle down and feel at home.
  • Growing Pains - Marnie is trying to become more of a grown up and stick at a job.
  • Siren Song - Marnie's secret passion is singing, but till now she's only sang alone in her car.
  • What The Water Gave Me - Discovering she's a mermaid has given Marnie a new lease of life.

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"You're my best girl friend. I can't promise much for the future, but you will always be in my heart." - Aeria

"You and Ethan are something else. Comforting someone, no questions asked, not many would. You have my respect" - Elle Phoenix

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