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Martha Carroll

Martha Carroll

(¯`·._.·"Do dreams dream?"·._.·´¯)


+Who is Martha Carroll?+

Impossibly similar in aspect with Adelaide Kane, Martha Carroll was born in Boston, where she lived until she graduated. After graduating and until 2022, Martha lived in Haven.

+A Dream of a Woman+

Sometimes found in a future Boston, there's no record of a Martha Carroll in the living world - and, as far as it is known, Adelaide Kane has no twin...

+But who is Martha Carroll?+

Born and raised in Boston, she got her job as a Math teacher in Haven High, and lived in that town until the meteor crash. All the social and political changes that came with it made her return to Boston, where she now lived until 2028, by then moving to Chicago.

Knowing Boston as the palm of her hand, Martha used to feel at home there, working at Doyle's Irish Pub in Boston as a bartender, before starting her own business empire. She was one of the people present during the Boston Bank Robbery, where she was painfully defeated.

On October 2028 she gave birth to healthy twins.


Martha secretly believes in a weird form of reincarnation, and that she can travel and live through the lifes of both her ascendance and descendance. From the far past to the long future, this is Martha Carroll's timeline...

Unsuls (the beginning of all)
Asherah (in the Primordial times)
Lady Zynia (a long, long time ago...)
Onoskelis (900's BC)
Ophelia (1413)
Anne (1710's)
Lady Maria (Victorian Era, Adaline's mother)
Adaline (1860's)
Cynthia (American, by 1891 living in London, by 1915 in Malifaux)
Ella Bella (Cynthia's daughter, Charlotte's mother)
Charlotte (Martha's mother, still alive)
Martha Carroll (born July 6th, 1996)
Senator Kaythlin (yet to be born)
Fourteen (2210's)
Huld? (2500's)
Unsasu (300 AC)
Ursula (Unsasu's daughter)


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