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Matthias Cass

Deputy Cass

Deputy Information

Name: Matthias Cass
Age: Mid Forties.
Archetype: Special Deputy.
Hometown: Boston


Cass is dedicated to upholding the law and bringing the Peace. Though he doesn't see everything as 'right' or 'wrong' and will weigh the evidence where it presents itself.


He holds himself to a higher standard than he would anyone else. To say that he's infallible would be inaccurate but he won't allow corruption to blur the lines between doing the right thing and harming those he protects and serves. (Recent events have pushed this aspect of his morals to the brink and, slowly, corruption has begun to turn those lines into nothing at all.)


While he's expected to run into the thick of things, there are times where he'll decide to ignore a situation that is way over his head. This is where his duty as a sheriff's deputy stops and his duty as crime scene clean-up for supernatural occurrences begins. The deputy is still only human and one with a very strong survival instinct.

O.I.S. -- 998!

Deputy Cass, prior to Haven, was in an incident that resulted in the death of an innocent man. A traffic stop that went from zero to a hundred, fast, and ended with Cass discharging his weapon because he had believed the suspect was pulling a gun from his waistband. It was just his wallet. Who stores a wallet in their waistband?



Matthias Cass

“Nevermind your happiness; do your duty.”