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Melina Ann Lotta

Name: Melina Annika Lotta (Just Ann)

Archetype: Clumsy Faeborn

Occupation: Owner of Simply Green & Nature's Blossoms

Theme Song: You Don't own Me


+What I'm Doing in Haven+

A losing battle with depression has landed the woman in Haven and she mostly has no idea what has drawn her here. After her husband's supposed passing she spent about six years wandering from one place to the other. She even went through the trouble of changing her name when she reverted back to her maiden name as to cut all association with her previous life before she became a gypsy of sorts. She's lingered in Haven longer than originally intended for whatever reason, and parts of her memory have resurfaced due to some help from a friend or two. The memory issues she suffers only seem to hinder her emotional stability even more though, falling into often deep and dragging bouts of depression. She normally can control this when around people and is otherwise pretty easy to stretch into a warm smile. Her sense of humor can lend on the dry side though and not all tend to appreciate her abstract mirth. She once had a solid few people she relied on for support emotionally and mentally, but those have since either died or left town. The ones left are those from her past, luckily one being her sister who she confides in more common than anyone else. While commonly she and her sister are seen bickering in public settings, most who even see past the surface of their relationship can become rather confused at how their dynamic is, seeming to change with the wind and seasons on how well they can maneuver a room socially at the same time.

+Where I fit in a Supernatural World+

Honestly? She doesn't. Her humanity is something she treasures deeply and is also something that gets in the way in the eyes of some. Once just sensitive due to her suppressed memory and being, some of her true self has returned, but not to its full extent.

+How I Cope with the Lurking Horrors+

Sensitive, warm, but darkly sarcastic. The woman would likely look the devil in the face, smile, and ask him how his day was. She may even offer to lend an ear over a cup of coffee. She's terrified of most stronger than her, but in her mind, running only tires you out quicker and that means less energy to focus on a few things much more important.

RP Hooks

ø A Green Thumb - If she isn't socializing, which she tends to do sparingly, she is outside enjoying the weather in some way. Talk about gardening and you might get a lecture of the importance of owning one and tending one.

ø Large Crowds Freak Her Out- When the party becomes more than two or three people, she seems to gradually grow quieter and quieter. She also can't stay attention being on her, but she is happy to spend some time getting to know any and everyone. Just not all at once.

ø Insatiable Curiosity - If one thing will be the death of her, it will be her curiosity. She can get personal quicker than most find comfortable, but she is fascinated by other people and the roads they've traveled.

ø Animal Lover - She turns into a large child around almost any creature and will get especially giddy if she can interact with an animal to get to know it. She loves them almost as much as she fawns over her precious plant friends.


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