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Mikita Doe

Name: Mikita Doe

Archetype: Woman - Human

Faction: None - None Occupation: Thief

Theme Song: [[https://youtu.be/hSOgRsT8a6A| Шмели - Художник]


+What I'm Doing in Haven+

Knowing nothing but hardships her entire life living under her strict father; Who took out his frustrations of always being the low man with little respect in Mafia out on her nightly. Life been came nothing more than survival day after day, The only bright spots is that when she got older the older men who viewed her own father as a joke. Started teaching and mentoring her into being a runner for their drugs and crime and soon picking up how to defend and steal herself. It all came to a heated boil one night when her Father came home drunk and pissed off at his daughter making more progress in the organization instead of him. Her fathers corpse was still warm by the time she had finished cleaning herself up and packing her few belongings; quickly leaving town not knowing how the rest of organization would react or where else to go. Finding herself roaming around town to town in search of easy marks to steal or rob from. Her most recent wandering being the Boston area wandering for smaller towns to steal and profit from.

+Where I fit in a Supernatural World+

Normal criminal human thief with nothing of import to the Supernatural World.

+How I Cope with the Lurking Horrors+

Main focus is on coping and surviving the lurking horrors of humanity itself.

RP Hooks

ø Criminal connections Hook - Despite her younger age and small stature being raised within a criminal organization has provided her the knowledge and means to find those who also make their living outside of society.

ø Pistolero Hook - As a teenager quickly grew to excel and love shooting any small firearm, Often putting the older members of the family to shame in marksmanship and speed. Firing a gun was the only joy and source of empowerment as she grew into adulthood and all the hours spent with them.

ø Red Hook - Description

ø Blue Hook - Description


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