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Moriah Webers

Name: Moriah Webers

Archetype: Werewolf

Faction: The Nannarian Claws

Occupation: Owner of the Garment Barn (Under Renovations)

Theme Song: The Offering


+What I'm Doing in Haven+

What I'm doing in Haven. That's the question of the century, isn't it? Well, I got too big for the nest to put it bluntly. A house of six is real small when you live in a shack out in the middle of the woods. Make three of those folks helpless like newborn calves, and it's a recipe for disaster. So, I decided to move on and make my own claim out here in the amber waves of grain somewhere. I hopped around for a while, figuring out where I liked it, and eventually heard about a pack nearby that showed promise. I went to Haven to prove my worth to them, and just ended up finding a whole other mess of trouble along the way to keep the answer simple.

+Where I fit in a Supernatural World+

I fit in about as well as any other person that comes here on their own with no ambitions. I have my pack and that's about my main priority right now. I make sure that they're safe and we remain strong as best I can. There's been a couple of people that have hit soft spots along the way, but I don't feel like I have many people that I'd be able to call a friend with a straight face. On top of the pack, got this tie with the Hand now, but the water's a lot more cloudy there. Only a couple of people I trust, and they ain't doing much to change that right now. We'll have to see though, they're good folks and their message ain't half bad. Keeps the strong in charge and keeps people from putting us down out of fear.

+How I Cope with the Lurking Horrors+

I just try to survive, that's about it. If anything, people might say I'm a little monster they'd be trying to cope from after a long chase in the woods. My word of advice? Don't hold onto the damsel in distress card for too long. Get stronger, because everything around you is changing. Then, take a long look at yourself before casting too much judgement. Folks all over have their own stories and methods, and people with glass houses shouldn't be throwing stones. I know what I am, what I might become one day. I know about the folk I spend time with too, and the ones I'm supposed to be enemies with. Some earned me getting annoyed with them, some I feel like are alright. Point is, it just depends on what you want to fight for and how hard of one you want to put in for it.

RP Hooks

ø Born a Wolf - Moriah has had the werewolf condition for her entire life. She's had to cope with lunacy in her infancy and only grew to know and trust the wolf members of her pack. Since then she's learned some coping mechanisms and she's become much better at socializing; but she still has a temper and a simplistic way of thinking that might agitate some more civilized folk.

ø Born a Fighter - Moriah has had to compete with a bunch of other scrappy wolves since leaving her home. She's won some fights and lost a lot of them; each one taught her to not give up fighting. She trains constantly to keep in top physical shape and hates the idea of needing to be rescued because of her weaknesses.

ø Distant Friend - Once someone's earned Moriah's trust then they have a loyal friend. However, she finds it difficult to open up with anyone that doesn't smell like the wolves she's familiar with. If they do, she will go out of her way to find them a safe home and means of survival never leaving them abandoned if she could help it. While others have hurdles to climb over her emotional walls, they will find that she is a rather naive individual in many senses of the word that holds onto a natural empathy that she keeps guarded away.

ø Motivated Procrastinator - Moriah can work hard and have the energy to move mountains if the mood suits her. Sometimes, however, such as matters of boring paperwork she will drag her feet in doing them. It just depends on how important the chore is, or who she's handling it for which side of her will come out.

Supernatural Outlook

ø Her Wolf - Moriah isn't shy about changing into her wolf, and she has a vicious set of claws and fangs to contend with for anyone that has to face her. She isn't the strongest of them, but she isn't to be underestimated, particular when the moon in the sky is full.

ø Simple Tools - Moriah doesn't have many other fancy tricks up her sleeves sticking to a more primal tool-set that would have been advanced in the late Medieval period. She hates the thought of using guns, and likes the way she can connect with her prey by staring it down through the notch of her arrow.


"No matter what, chick." - Melinda

"I will miss you. You more than anyone have made the concept of pack work for me. Thank you for your easygoing patience, your friendship and your endless good humor." - Quinn

"You weren't the best friend to me, maybe, but I still cared. I always will. Sorry I turned into a hypocrite in the end." - Melinda

"I never could have asked for a better person to keep me going. I miss you Mori, please stay safe and give everyone my love. " - Huong

"Stay strong don't give up. You are missed but not forgotten. We all have our roles to play. It will all be okay " - Ty

"I hope you can forgive me " - Ty