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The road to Haven

Born in the town of Khurmandan, Iran, Nahid was a bit of an outsider from the very beginning - part of the Zoroastrian community that had been in Persia since the time of the great kings Darius and Xerxes, and which still has a loyal following to this day. She had been content to stay at home and pursue the life of a scholar that she could, but this changed when a man came by - offering her promises of power and knowledge beyond her dreams, should she accept. Happily, she did.

A supernatural world

Her studies with this man - a mage of the Black Circle - led her on a path through the hidden areas of the Middle East, where she came into conflict with many. A new context came to her eyes of what was causing all those struggles in the region, whether it was leftover Temple interference, the Remnant's plots, or simply the eternal power struggles in the supernatural community, she quickly became knowledgeable about who was really pulling the strings - and how it could be done. Of course, she would never lead. She was not made to lead. But if she found herself with the right people around her, things could go very, very far. Her first attempt at this seemed to backfire horribly - and years of her life were spent paying for this.

How I cope

There are always certain advantages to every disadvantage one might have. For Nahid, no matter what dark secrets there are lurking in her past, she always seems to have had the ability to simply shrug them off and move on fairly quickly. The baggage there isn't the type that manages to drag her down - but rather decoration or adornment on a life that has certainly been fully lived.

Besides, why dwell on the past, when the future is where all the new, exciting things will lie?

(PB: Claudia Lynx)

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