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Nate Hamilton

(¯`·._.· Stoner ø Musician ø Forgetful ø Chippie ø Slacker ·._.·´¯)

Nate Hamilton


(¯`·._.·Straight as an arrow - Defect, defect.. ·._.·´¯)

(¯`·._.·Intro: a bright-eyed dude with a shoulder-long bedhead ·._.·´¯)


What's His History

Born and raised 'Down Under', Nate's pretty much lived a perfectly inconspicuous life up until after his Master's Degrees were obtained. That's where a passion was found: Humanitarian work and animal welfare. Instead of using his fine degrees to march towards a successful carreer, this bloke set off to join various non-profit organizations and join them in the fight to better the world. However, everything comes to an end - A man once bright, cheerful, kind to all arrived in Haven. No more ties to any of the groups he's helped, no concrete memory of what he's actually been doing safe for a handful of vague details or ideas, no smiles to grace his features unless he generously took to his meds. Why did he come here, what is he looking for, what has he left behind, who does he hope to meet and work with here.. Endless questions one could ask themselves.

How's The Dude Coping

Nate has proven to be quite the busy bee - unlike what one might assume seeing this free-spirited feller saunter around like a bonafide stoner so relaxed. He came to town remembering only one personal mission, and that is to revitalize an old dream he's never forgotten: Owning his own bowling alley. He does so nowadays, proud to have built it all by hand himself, and he's made it more than just a bowling centre. It's become his one beacon of positivity, of hope, something to offer this town he's trying to find his place in.

As of recently, another venue has been 'blessed' with this man's diligent working spirit: Nate's Nugs. A headshop, a place for him to sell that herb he's ever so fond of. One could wonder where this individual's pulled all the necessary sources from, being able to supply a town like this with such a vast amount of marijunana AND, as rumour on the street goes, a vast selection of other drugs.

Often found roaming the streets in search of others, jogging through nature to clear his head, drawing and planning future projects for the hobby of woodworking he passionately practices, or simply taking her easy for all us sinners out there in whatever state of internal peace or panic - Nate works, and then work some more. There's always something that needs to be done, or could be done at leas, especially in a town where this foreigner has few-to-nobody to call a friend. Besides his pets.

What Else Stands Out

While Nate is clearly someone who tries and approach every person, every encounter, every day with a big easy-going smile and attitude, the dude's prone to severe mood-swings that can push him into brief states of madness, anger, grief, delusion, and with it often comes destructive behaviour. He's also never going to try and hide the fact there's moment of pure chronic forgetfulness plaguing him, and it's often quite noticeable how this influences him. Forgetting his glasses at a booth in the Lodge, asking the same person for their name five days in a row, but also finding it hard to tell others what he's been doing these last years.

Too eager to grab for the bottle, blunts, or other addictive substances at times - Faking a smile one too many time not to worry others - Avoiding confrontation and openness.
Hard to say if he's hiding, avoiding, defeated, exhausted, or merely not willing to trouble others with the bullshit he's made to deal with in this town rife in strange occurrences, exposure to grief and pain, and nightmare-inducing encounters.

RP Hooks and Personality

ø Aging Hedonist

ø Rogue In Disguise

While Nate can be one near-tireless worker, and he takes both pleasure and pride in pushing himself through hours and hours of work for anyone and any cause. But that does NOT mean he won't kick his boots off and get right to relaxing in hedonstic fashion when given the pleasure. Indulging in the pleasures of alcohol and drugs, binge-eating through countless documentaries in his collection of VHS tapes for hours at an end, popping a pill and jamming or dancing the night away, or maybe just lazy around a bonfire reminiscing the (forgotten) past - Give him a reason to relax, and he'll take it.

Slothful. Yes. Proud of it. Yes. Let's hope he can still party like he's twenty-one without physically breaking down.

Sure. He knows little, if not nothing, of most of his past. But this salt, with enough scars to tell of those experiences he himself has forgotten, still knows some clever tricks. From cutting out a few middlemen to make business that much easier, to knowing just where to obtain the drugs he wants for that much cheaper, to helping old ladies unlock their car without needing their keys, whatever he's left behind surely weren't days solely spent in pure innocence.

ø Animal Friend

ø Kobain From Oz

Speak with him about ANY topic related to animals, and it is as if you've struck a hole in a dam. Claiming to have years of experience in animal rescue, and having received his Master's in Zoology and Evolutionary Biology, it's safe to assume he treats any creature that shares the world with him like a lifeform worth appreciating and respecting. At times, one could wonder if he doesn't think more highly of the animals on Earth than he does his fellow humans.

Once lead singer and guitarist of a band called 'Youth Adrift', Nate isn't at all the grunge-rock punk one might suspect him to be, judging by his style of dress and the stunning amount of tattoo body-art he proudly dons. Speak to him about classical music, and be ready to hear him dote on this and that pianist. Mention some rock'n'roll and watch him bust out the twist for you on the spot. Quote a song, or better yet sing it, and you bet your ass a duet's bound to start.


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"You are delicious, Nate. Stay that way, hm?" - Odette

"yo dude, ur pretty much the best, when we gonna jam??" - Special K

"I wish I could make it better for you." - Cora

"Comment." - Said Character