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Nigel Worthington

Sir Nigel Edmund Worthington III

Soldier. Inventor. Knight.
For Queen and Country.


Name: Sir Nigel Edmund Worthington III

Gender: Male

Birthdate: January 18th 1836

Birthplace: London, UK

Marital Status: Widowed

Society: The Ministry of Paranormal Affairs

Occupation: Independently Wealthy

Hobbies: Nigel's hobbies include smoking pipes, cigars, billiard sports, and chess.

Associates: Anne Young, Kitty Gone, Ambrose Ives and Edgar.


Wealthy: While nowhere near as rich as some supernaturals turn out to be, for a human Nigel is rather wealthy and doesn't have to work for his money. This typically makes him the benefactor of most of the members of his organization. Due to the fact he comes from a different time, it does beg the question how Mister Worthington manages to make ends meet.

Lost: Nigel is from a different time altogether, a time of violence, pestilence and the dawn of the serial killer. Because of this he has little skill in technology, something that frustrates the man to no end, especially since he himself was the creator of several technological milestones he employed in his ever persistent fight to keep the supernatural organizations of the world civilized.

Conservative: Nigel is from a time where women were mostly kept safe and protected and in pretty dresses, where homosexuality was condemned and where the poor were notorious, true or not, for being thieves and murderers. He is well-traveled and spent most of his life in Africa, however, so he does have a deep respect for the cultures of other races despite himself.

Inventor: Fascinated and frustrated in equal parts with our time period, Nigel still happens to be an inventor of various gadgets and weapons that mimic modern day technology, as well as using occult objects to power them even further. These gadgets and weapons Nigel uses are most definitely the stuff that Steampunk enthusiasts would adore.

Hellfire: Since being pulled into a thirty year long Fae Game with the rest of Haven, Nigel's return has been anything but business as usual. Now Nigel possesses extraordinary strength, regenerative powers, and the ability to summon Hellfire with a mere thought. It has altered him mentally as well: Nigel is now more pragmatic and less tolerant of corruption; including his own.

1836 - 1891

He saw action in the Crimean War as a soldier in the British Army. He was one of the officers in the Ever Victorious Army, a force of Chinese soldiers led by European officers during the Second Opium War and Taiping Rebellion. He followed his commander, Charles Gordon, to Sudan, where he suppressed dozens of revolts and the slave trade. With the resignation of Major Gordon, Sir Nigel took command of the British armies stationed in Khartoum and put down revolt after revolt.

A serious revolt then broke out in the Sudan, led by a Muslim religious leader and self-proclaimed Mahdi, Muhammad Ahmad. Besieged by the Mahdi's forces, Sir Nigel's tactics were vital to a citywide defense lasting almost a year that gained him his knighthood and an injury that would disable him for a few years, forcing him to be honorably discharged from military service.

When Nigel returned to London he was approached by agents of the Crown and the Order, requesting his assistance in dealing with the growing influence of the Hand. Having dealt with supernatural forces during his military service, Sir Nigel became an officer and later the Minister of Her Majesty's Ministry of Paranormal Affairs. Under his leadership the Ministry flourished, with a sizable amount of agents both human and supernatural keeping the various societies of London at an uneasy peace.

At the twilight of Jack the Ripper's murderous career, matters became worse when a far more dire threat had came to London: a demi-demon attempting some kind of ritual ascension that would possibly turn them into a full-blooded superpower. Taking his most dangerous agents and loyal companions, Sir Nigel, and subsequently, the Ministry itself, ventured into the demi-demon's lair and never returned.


"Look after them for me, Mister Worthington. I want something to come home to. This place, and the people in it, some more than others, are very dear to me." - Briar

"Sir, do forgive me for my unscheduled arrival, but I could hardly leave you to fend for yourself in America." - Anne

"I hardly know you, and yet I already feel a certain kinship towards your ways. I hope that together we manage to make the world a better place. Please don't change, and always fight the good fight Mister Worthington" - Miko

"Where we go from here, doesn't matter. You're a good friend, Nigel." - Luther

"Not impossible, Sir; just incredibly improbable. It's been entirely too long, and I look forward to benefiting from your wisdom and leadership once more." - Ambrose

“Your continued existence gave me hope – hope for a better future, or a true death, desperately waited for.” – Eve

"I will not fall for your trickery, but you are skilled nonetheless. It intrigues me. You might even make a worthy Knight. Or at least watching you fail the Tests would be entertaining." - Morgana

"Sir...." - Cielo

"For an old man, he sure has a mean right hook." - Renfield

"He actually exemplifies the Order's original values and purpose. He is not... what is that word... nouveau? He is not a Nouveau Orderite. He is righteous, rather than self-righteous. Which is a large distinction. It makes for a more worthy opponent. Someone I can actually be glad to do battle with." - Gage

"I am finding myself missing you." - Briar

"Mr. W! How's it been hangin'?" - brilliant but distracted