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Nolan Reeves


"You said to help people. Heal with my hands and my heart. I don't think I'm strong enough, Ma."

Nolan is what one gets if you take an Inigo and instill them with Reeves values: An extremely stubborn, self-loathing person who puts others before themselves. He's the person you see running back into the flames one more time just to "check", the person one would see doing everything they can while straddling a gurney'd patient on the way into an ER. A dramatic but well-meaning medic, Nolan tries to live up to the name of Reeves. He compares his accomplishments beside his own father, Frank Reeves, and sees himself come up short each time rather than viewing them on their own.

During the Day of Red, Nolan had been seen rushing people through the streets to get them inside while he was taking the brunt of the horrid storm. After it, he had heard news of his father's disappearance and immediately began his search outside of Haven as he thought Frank wouldn't be kept right under his nose. A long journey, two years worth, began while he was also trying to become a medic. Along the way he would meet several people that would both inspire him or make him question his virtuous morals. His search led him to Europe where he had been taken in by an underground group of compassionate supernaturals. He had learned the more advanced techniques to aid both mundane and otherwise, giving him a much needed look into what he'd be dealing with back home. News of James Arkwright's visit to his hometown stoked his early departure of the group to head back to Haven and ask Jimbo himself where his father would be.

His search would end with the news that his father was in town, captured, all along. The news of this, the death of his Grandmother from her battle with cancer, and the sheer exhaustion he felt after the weight of his mission had fallen off his shoulders has sent the young Reeves into a reclusive habit of staying in his room until he's called to action to help. He's slowly relearning, however, to accept himself and crawl out of his dark and broken shell.

RP Hooks

Medic: He's one of the few discreet men and women of Haven that rush out into the dark to save both the mundane and supernatural citizens from grievous injury and natural disasters.

Self-loathing Demonborn: Nolan's Inigo blood burns hot in his veins but he takes no pleasure in the suffering of others - but his body tells him otherwise. He's known to have chronic and, sometimes, dibilitating migraines that he suffers because of this. However, when those around him are suffering, he resists that innate urge to put on a smile or laugh.

PTSD: Much of what he's seen he stuffs into a deep and dark hole within his mind and lets it out later. Even with his coping techniques (which involve crying his eyes out alone somewhere he feels safe) he suffers from a fear of being touched, harsh triggers regarding intense violence, and sensitivity toward others' anger.


"I can see it in your eyes, kid. You look up to me. You shouldn't. I am not a good man." - Deputy Moore