\ Haven:Mist and Shadow Characters/October Everhart

October Everhart

Character Information

Sex: Female

Birthdate: October 29th, 1991

Occupation: Singer and Sales Assistant in White Rekords, Dark Musik

Playlist: October Songs

What I'm Doing In Haven

October came to Haven with her best friend Kim Garcia. Though still spending a lot of time in October's home city of Boston, the two women have got themselves a crash pad in the town. Now their band, Clockwork Meow Meow have broken up, they are looking for new ways to pursue their music. The duo sometimes perform as the experimental act, Metal Sheep.

Where I Fit in a World of Monsters

October has recently learned about the more unusual elements of Haven. She's now experiencing how it feels to be a human surrounded by supernaturals.

"omg u look totally toasted in that one pic lol xoxo <3 u bitch" - Special K

"Comment." - Name