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Petra Lothan

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Name Petra Lothan
Archetype Werewolf - Archetype
Age 21
Occupation Animal Trainer
Theme Song The Fight

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RP Hooks

  • Proud Upbringing - Petra comes from a Irish mother and a Swedish father, when Petra was young they moved from Ireland from her mother's home town to America. However they still loved their own culture Petra was raised to admire where she came from. Though she never believed in her grandparents Paganistic ways she learned to now!
  • Animal Lover - Petra grew up with always having animals in her life, from a hamster to lizards she loved them all. But most of all she loved dogs even taking a job to work with them. She will sometimes also be found fostering animals from the local Animal Rescues and Shelters.
  • Passive - Unlike most of her kind Petra finds herself to be more docile than other people. She prefers not to fight if she doesn't have too and would rather make friends, however she tries to push herself to become stronger after her older brothers death.
  • Hunter - Despite her appearance Petra enjoys hunting for game, having grown in the vast forests she would hunt with her brothers during certain hunting seasons.

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