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Portia Olivier

Name: Portia Olivier

Archetype: Demigod

Occupation: Barista at the Blackbird Espresso

Theme Song: Why'd You Bring a Shotgun to the Party - The Pretty Reckless


+Being in Haven+

After partying away her twenties in a way that most definitely did not suit her Divine blood, Portia made her way to Haven. Something in her blood calls to the contested grounds of the town.

+Purpose and History+

The Olivier family bears a proud history as soldiers, being able to trace their lineage back centuries in battlefields all over the world. It is said it is all due to the blessing of a nameless God of soldiers. Portia is the latest pride and joy, showing signs of the God's blood from an early age. She was raised, educated and trained to befit her lineage, and at eighteen, released from her family as to prove her worth. She is aware of the supernatural, keenly so.

+Opinions on Conflict+

Portia sees little value in might. The God that begets her family is not one of glory, and so, she finds overt displays of power, or throwing your weight around, something disgraceful, enough to bring rage. She finds humans and supernaturals as equally capable of good and bad, and acts as such.

RP Hooks

ø Customer - Come have her make you a coffee at the Blackbird! She's a good worker, and is always up for a chat.

ø Religiosity - Her family has a number of rituals, and she's been educated on many religions as part of honoring her blood. As such, she is drawn to religious grounds and talks.

ø Partying - She hasn't quite shaken off the easy mood and urge to have fun of her twenties. Socializing is a great pleasure to her, especially if there's loud music and drinks.

ø Sparring - For those that may know of her heritage. She is highly physical, and sparring and grappling are things she enjoys deeply, but won't do with anyone that isn't aware of her strength.

Supernatural Outlook

ø Lunar Blessing - Her God is one of strategy and stealth, battles hard won under the cover of night. Her blessing is rarely given, but ever there.


"Kind of a posh little brat, but I like 'em that way." - Sawyer

"I don't know why I don't fire you." - Blackbird