• Faith:

    Qeb is sometimes subjugated to inquiries about her veils and the Islamic faith that Egyptians like her embrace (and other times, her laundry routines). She gently corrects that she is devoted to the gods of her father, his father, and his father before him.


    She has spoken fondly of her brothers and of her father being a priest, but her mother remains a complete mystery.


    It appears to be her mindset that respect must be given to all, be they figures of authority or those less fortunate. As a result, she tends to be on good terms with most fellow students for as long as they reciprocate in a manner that isn't negative. Loyalty seems to be her strong suit.


    Those observant enough would notice her liking for certain animated characters from American films. Known examples include Stitch (her phone) and Toothless (her backpack).


    A lot of things, from the looks of it.

  • "A'nekh djet."

    Qeb is the kind of teenager who is easy to overlook in a crowded room. When she's not wearing those bedsheets over her head, she can be spotted on the sidelines or in the shadow of her more dominant peers. Bowing seems to be a habit for the girl whether she's entering a room, greeting strangers, or cowering in times of extreme tension. Though she wears it with an air of inferiority, her finesse with certain standards of etiquette speak volumes of her upbringing to those who bother to observe.

    More often than not, she would seem to lack a spine, but the backbone of this girl's daily life is, in fact, built upon her religious beliefs and deep spirituality. Apart from keeping her body clean and healthy, she oft references prayer and voices her disapproval of fornication and other such carnal practices. Sometimes, she gives skincare tips.

  • Name: Qeb Mesbah
    Intro: an earthy-skinned girl with oasis blue eyes
    Born: November 11th, 2002
    Died: September 11th, 2019
    Age: 16 (18)
    Birthplace: Cairo, Egypt
    Archetype: Ghost
    Occupation: Drop-out Runaway
    Profession: Apprentice Rejuvenation Therapist

  • Find Me

    If you're ready, heart is open
    I'll be waiting. Come find me.

    Rabbit Heart

    Here I am, the rabbit-hearted girl.
    Frozen in the headlights.

    Big God

    You need a big god.
    Big enough to hold your love.


    But now take me home.
    Take me home where I belong.
    I can't take it anymore.

    Keeping Your Head Up

    Hold tight; you're slowly coming back to life.
    I'll be keeping your head up.
    I'll be keeping your head up, darling.

    King and Lionheart

    Howling ghost they reappear
    In mountains that are stacked with fear
    But you're a king and I'm a lionheart.