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Quinn Byrne

Name: Quinn Byrne, PhD, RPA.

Archetype: Irish - Werewolf?

Faction: The Hand - Peacekeepers

Occupation: Private Security; ex-Professor; Clinical Psychologist; Captain, U.S. Army (Ret.) 75th Rangers

Theme Song: Kiss My Irish Ass


+The Past+


Born to Mary Sullivan of Boston, Massachusetts, U.S., and Brian Byrne of Clara, County Offaly, Ireland, the boy was raised in his father's homeland until the age of fifteen. Following his father's death, he and his mother returned to her home in Boston and he completed his adolescence and his education there. Mary was a White Circle arcanist and doctor before leaving Boston and had worked with the White during her years away, returning smoothly to the fold after her husband's early demise.

The mother also shaped the boy to appreciate and use his mind, encouraging athletics but emphasizing education. Brian had worked for the White as well, but as a soldier, and the boy idolized his father. Despite her influence, the son was obviously drawn toward the straightforward combative promise of the military rather than the subtler mistique of the intellectual. She did not oppose the inevitable, but she did leverage her motherly status to secure from him a promise of a graduate degree, planting seeds that she hoped would grow into wisdom someday.

At 18 he joined the U.S. Army and spent his first enlistment as a Human Intelligence Collector (35M) while beginning his B.S. in Psychology. He succeeded at Ranger training and began working with Special Forces teams in hot spots around the world, eventually serving with the specialized units that deal with supernatural threats. Accepted into officer training in 2006, he collaborated with indigenous allies to track terrorist supers and eventually his people skills and sharp mind produced effective enough results that he came to the notice of the CIA.

‎As his ability to work with people matured, he grew more and more interested in the human mind. He completed the Bachelor's and had begun his graduate work when he was offered a chance to enroll in the CIA's 18-month Clandestine Service Trainee program. In 2009 he left the army as a captain wearing two Purple Hearts and a Combat Infantryman Badge with two stars. In late 2010 he returned to the hot spots as a CIA Operations Officer, and by 2011 he was working as a Paramilitary Operations Officer, tracking terrorist supers on the ground with Human Intelligence assets. Between assignments he plugged away at a PhD in psychology in Reno, satisfying both his mother's wish and several aspects of his cover.

‎During one investigation, in Moscow, he met the family of a asset named Roman Ellis, he eventually became the godfather of their child, Stacy Ellis, and was gifted the care of Stacy when Roman was killed years later. When Byrne eventually joined Blackfield, Ms. Ellis was placed in the Blackfield Academy. Within a short time, the rebellious teen's file was closed and Quinn was informed he had 'died during treatment.' As he gained rank at the Institute, he was to learn this was far mor common than was publically known.

In 2017, after years of successfully unearthing terrifying renegades and fanatics, Quinn was assigned to the new plexus of supernatural insanity: Haven, Massachusets. He later surmised that the request came from the Blackfield Institute Board of Directors, although at the time he understood it to be a CIA referral. It would be a year before he learned he had been a genetically enhanced Blackfield fetus and before he met the reality that was the Headmistress, or Mother, of Blackfield. He was loyal to the Institute and to Her after that impactful meeting, often vocally angered when Blackfield was threatened or disrespected.

During the subsequent year, he dated an Order Librarian and split his time between work, Dreamscape research (Including Dis, as an incubus), and community relations. He lost his leg in a hunting accident, had it restored by Azrael the archangel, then lost his life to a devastating head shot by Calvin Potter, a servant of the archdemon Et-Arel. The power of Blackfield restored him to life, but Potter had killed Mother while Quinn was dead. Paul Granson, a sworn Blackfield brother and completely insane, was given the interim Headmaster job while Mother's clone was nurtured to adulthood. The Librarian was reassigned to Venice about this time and Quinn lived a low-key existence dating, teaching and continuing his Dreamscape research.

In late 2018 Byrne lived several lifetimes during a few months in the Rainbow Incidents, confusing his subjective age by over a hundred years. In his last one, he was made into a demon incubus by Et-Arel after the demon also killed Blackfield's alternate-reality Mother. The professor fought against the archdemon in a guerilla resistance that failed and was doomed to be a demon forever, but the magic failed and he was returned to his rightful world. He was different, though, isolating to campus and becoming increasingly disassociated from his old job. He was Head of the College now, tutoring on demand, but he gradually lost his drive to advance at Blackfield and his main endeavors were trying to contact Mother and dating.

In July of 2019, the insanity of Blackfield's disarray had become apparent to everyone in the community except the Board and a few Blackfield staffers. When two students who were also his friends were targeted, an uncharacteristically and demonically enraged Byrne used his authority to stop the madness and challenged Board and staff to produce the Headmistress. He was subsequently separated from the Institute after blood testing revealed that his supernatural bloodline was now dominated by demon genetics mixed with human. Byrne married one of the students he had rescued, a Norse Angelborn named Sophie, continued to mutate and activate, and joined the Hand.

In August of 2019, as a hedge against the influence of Et-Arel and District One, Quinn and his new Norse wife were bitten by an ancient werewolf and so he opened a new chapter in his life. They both joined Nannarian Claws, a sister society to The Hand, and he became the Ulfhennir, a wolf warrior. With his multi-faceted skills profile and his penchant for teaching, he continues reaching out to those in need.

He was Blackfield and he kept everything he learned, then built upward from there. He spent over thirty years as a full demon and that shaped him. Now he is Ulfhedinn and taking to it like...a second skin. Try to define him with some simple cookie-cutter stereotype and you best be ready for surprises. To Quinn Byrne, a bloodline is like an ethnic heritage: culture, history and genetics count, but a man makes his own karma.


RP Hooks

ø People - Quinn cares about people over organizations, factions, causes or things. His attachments to friends are stronger than anything else and supercede any social judgments on your behaviors, alignment or character. He often deals with his Alumni in a loose network across society boundaries without really seeing their alignment-he sees his old friends from campus. He deals with the supernatural politics all day, but his private life is about personal relationships and finding meaning in life beyond flag-waving--he finds meaning in his interactions with people.

ø Love & Women - Quinn rarely gets intimate with someone just for the physical despite the permanent influence of his District One incubus and of his role between Dis and Earth. He gets attached and he likes it like that. He is an adult and if the attachment is clearly not returned, he will sadly walk away without making a dramatic disaster out of it-after all, a relationship takes two. He is morally, emotionally and intellectually opposed to stalking or chasing. He is monogmously and happily married now and so dating issues are nonissues.

ø Teaching - Quinn loves to teach and help his students grow. He will often do extra for them, helping them meet society leaders or buying them starter gear. He will often do spontaneous tutoring or classes more easily when approached than through advance scheduling because he is so often using his free time to answer some special request.

ø The Mind - Quinn is okay with suffering because he understands where it comes from. He enjoys his emotions, but has a kind of Zen perspective on them: it is okay to feel an emotion, but he is not required to act on them. His academic passion is the human mind, how it works and why it so often torments us. He is not scared of pain or of dying, and only a little of being alone. In the end, he considers people to be understandable and he enjoys working with their motivations and thinking immensely.

ø People - The human mind likes simplistic shortcuts. Some people say all supers are superior. Some say all supers are leeches and evil predators. Some with narrow minds say all niggers, kikes, crackers, spics, females or naturals are inferior slave material. With his education and his spiritual training and his understanding of the human mind, Quinn understands the truth: inferior and superior are subjective mental concepts and reality often does not follow his plan for it. Each person, each situation, each moment is priceless and unique. Each must be continuously assessed and reassessed without abdicating mindfulness to easier conceptual crutches.

Supernatural Outlook

ø Mind and Body - Quinn is a soldier who later finished school to take up teaching. His abilities reflect that path, a combination of warcraft, educated intelligence and mental manipulation.

ø Warcraft - Quinn was U.S. Army Special Forces and CIA Operations Officer: he remembers his training and experience. He knows battlefield tactics, firearms and close quarters combat, intelligence and technology.

ø Psychics - Byrne inherited his Blackfield heritage of psychic affinity, but he honed it much further than usual in the Dreamscape and through other research methodologies. Psychics are not magic and his wolf minds not at all.

ø Demonic Psychopathy - Byrne is also a psychopath. Not the blatant serial killer kind or the giggling torturer kind, but the subtler thinking kind, like TV's Dexter. It is not that he preys on people so much as he does not fully belong to humanity. CIA undercover operative, Blackfield Brother, demon incubus, demonborn and wolf, he looks human but there is an alien distance between him and normals.


"Of course, Professor, I could learn quite a lot more about that... but why the dorm rooms? Doesn't this college have actual classrooms, or offices?" - Leilani

We remember what humanity is. Sometimes, I suspect it's a curse, to know what it was to be a person with a soul and a heart and to feel these things so keenly now. Make no mistake, Quinn: we are the lifeblood of the world, not the monsters.” – Eve

"Dearest Demonic Knight, it is good to have you at my side. Others may chide and ridicule me for keeping you, but they do not know you as I do. They will never understand. But I know that I can count on you, through it all. Literally to Hell and back again, on a whim, on a prayer. Now, we have work to do." - The Demoness Witch

"No one will ever know how much loyalty begets loyalty. I'm a very happy woman." - Your Gelly Bean

"It is unfortunate that we didn't have more time, but I hope you managed to learn something from me, child." - Somnus

"Might be an educated man, but he sure as shit don't apply it." - Witter

"Of course - this is just my personal, probably misguided, opinion, and I will comply with any decision Blackfield might choose to take on this, as in any other matter." - Jennifer Smith

"16 days since the last pants incident. I'm proud of you professor." - Stellar

""Thanks to you I live, I'll be back to provide tribute when the time is right." - Summer

"Love you." - Sophie Edwards-Byrne

"I find myself thinking of calling when things get hard - they are hard right now, Quinn. Please take care of Sophie, I worry for you both." - Huong

"This no-name cunt can't even deliver a fucking pizza, it makes all the rest of his bragging suspect. Also, what the fuck is an Et-Arel?." - Quinn's syphilitic Mum