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Raikei Denrinbo

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Raikei Denrinbo


Sex: Male
Birth Date: January 1st, 1600 (Approx.)
Race: Chinese-Japanese
Occupation: Samauri
Theme Song: Theme Song Title

Supernatural Outlook

The differences are illusion.


Mr. Denrinbo was born in China around 1600. He is reported to have become a proficient Chinese martial artist before he traveled to Japan to further us skills in a country torn by nonstop warfare. He settled in Nagasaki to train in Taisha-ryū kenjutsu and Ninjutsu under Marume Nagayoshi. A dedicated and exceptional student, he soon earned the daisho and finally become a teacher and a leader in the Taisha-rye school. He then studied the Yamabushi, or mountain warrior monks, at Mt. Iwaya in Kashima. He then dropped from the history books and perhaps only the people in Haven will learn what happened next...

More About Me

Dynasty Operative
Zen Student


Raikei was born around 1600 in China. Very little is known of his early years and there is a sense from talking to him that he does not remember that much himself. A noteworthy exception to this is that his father was Japanese, having immigrated from that land to study in China. Dynasty records reveal that the mother was a descendant of Guan Yu, a chinese General hailed popularly as a war god. There is also a note in the file that Raikei's father may have been a demigod of unknown lineage as well. In the usual cryptic tradition of the Dynasty, any details about the organization's involvement with the parents meeting or breeding is sealed in another file somewhere.

It is likely Raikei activated early, however, based on the endless list of achievements he is attributed with. He began studying kung fu at an early age and became a skilled Chinese martial artist by the time he reached adulthood. Dynasty excerpts report the youth was used as a soldier in several operations between the ages of 16 and 23, performing at or above the organization's stringent standards.

Raikei was in his twenties when he traveled under Dynasty purview to the endless wars of Japan, continuing his martial studies. He became one of the finest disciples of Marume Nagayoshi of the Taisha-Ryu shook, which contained several arts, notably including kenjutsu and ninjutsu. Again, his performance has been rated as exemplary by Dynasty handlers.

Around 1635 Raikei became Yamabushi, a mountain warrior monk, at Mt. Iwaya in Kashima, where he continued advanced studies. He was a well-known figure amongst the local inhabitants, or Sanka, and acted as a trainer and commander for Dynasty warrior and commando forces.

He is not mentioned reliably historical records after this period, somewhere in his early forties, probably moving upward in Dynasty ranks as his power, experience and skills grew. One file reference to "genetic refinement projects" indicate he may have been used in either fleshforming or breeding initiatives. He was also tasked to Dreamscape training at one point.

In 1642, Raikei inexplicably vanished from even Dynasty files, only to reappear around 2017. He was apparently recruited by some Dreamscape power for a war in an alternate Haven in pursuit of a relic called the Holy Grail. When access to that world collapsed, he was once again assigned to the front lines as an active operative and quietly used in operations around the world. What little is known of his performance over the ensuing 200-plus years points at a dangerous and effective agent.

Raikei was at the 2018 Mount Kilauea Eruption on Hawaii, which was reported through Dynasty channels as an attempt from the Plane of Fire to punch a hole through to Earth. Whether or not that was true, the result for combines South Pacific forces was several deaths and injuries to some of their most powerful agents.

Caught in the middle of the devastating attacks, Raikei shared the curse of the elemental forces directed at another combatant, a Hand operative named Nguyet Tran. He maintained a casual contact with her throughout succeeding months, occasionally working with her on the curse or other projects. It eventually blossomed into a romance and then into marriage.

Current sighting place the subject in the United States with an unknown mission.

Notes on file

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