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Raikei Denrinbo

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Raikei Denrinbo


Sex: Male
Birth Date: January 1st, 1610 (Approx.)
Race: Chinese (living in Japan since early twenties)
Occupation: Samauri
Theme Song: Theme Song Title

Supernatural Outlook

The differences are illusion.


Case Summary

Denrinbo Raikei was found in Nagasaki in January of 2017 with no clear memory of how he had taken a 380-year step through time. Chinese-born and later immigrating to Japan amidst the growing trade with the Dutch and English, he was perhaps better prepared than the average feudal citizen for this shocking shift. Responding Dynasty agents found he possed a remarkable equanimity about his circumstances, as well as a vague but persistent conviction that he had a purpose in this new place.

Danrinbo-san did not speak in detail of his life and the decision was made to avoid pushing this. He did recognize the authority of the Dynasty, seeming to thing the organization and extension of his past masters. Or perhaps this is backwards. In either case, he was aware of the nature of the world and worked quickly to adjust his language skills (Chinese Mandarin, Japanese, broken English) and his understanding of modern customs, geopolitical overviews and technology. His knowledge of people and of the skills close-quarters combat are reported to be remarkable. A test for supernatural genetic bloodlines was negative, although this was not considered conclusive as there were also signs of memory tampering as well.

In late 2018 Danrinbo-san, already proficient in the Dreamscape and Nightmare, became aware of a special global contest around the well-known and liberally-Gated hub of Haven. He explained simply to his Dynasty contacts that he needed to be there and arrangements were made.

Denrinbo-san has traveled far to seek training and pursue opportunity. What little is known of his life suggests an unusually intelligent man who likes to try new things and make his mark. It is likely he will continue to seek advancement and education.


Mr. Denrinbo was born in China in the very early 1600's and gained some small renoun with kung-fu and Taiji Dap before he traveled to Japan on a quest to meet the experts of a country torn by nonstop warfare. He settled in Nagasaki to train in kenjutsu and Taisha-ryū Ninjutsu under Marume Nagayoshi. A dedicated and exceptional student, he earned the daisho and finally become a teacher and a leader in the Taisha-rye school. He gained fame as a useful and learned man on many fronts before he dropped from the history books for many years. Where he was during that time is conjecture, although perhaps it will become clear to people in Haven...

More About Me

Dynasty Operative
Zen Student

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