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Ray Martin

Character Information

Archetype: Human/Timeswept

Birthdate: September 26, 1925

Actual Age: 30-ish

Occupation: Cook at Rosie's Diner

Themesong: I'll Be Seeing You

What I'm Doing in Haven

The year was 1956, and Ray was finally getting his life together. He had a girl he had been dating for three years after his first love and mother of his son had split. He was working steadily. The war was growing more distant in his mind. He'd been riding one night when what he thought was a oncoming car blinded him. He and his bike, and the clothes on his back, were suddenly thrust into a strange new year. That of 2017. What made it more difficult was to see his first love so aged and her granddaughter a splitting image of her when she was young. His fiancee had passed away. His son was now older than him and held contempt for being abandoned.

Where I Fit in a World of Monsters

Though he is only Human, two very important things have happened to him to make him a monster in his own right. 1. World War II. One does not easily walk away from a war without losing a little of their mind and 2. Being swept from his own time to a future Haven.

With so many advances to technology and the world in general, it is either adapt or be adapted. For him, its a little of both.

And it began long before his time shift.

"I would murder a newborn for a chance to get my claws into him. And may yet do so. The castle staff needs more cooks, yes? Excellent..." - She Who Does Not Smile

Raymond Sunshine reminds me not to call him Raymond, because he isn't stuffy. He's really quite nice. Almost entirely, actually. Yes, I think he's quite pleasant to talk to, but he really should appreciate tea more. It's relaxing! It really is!” – Moonbeam

"Comment." - Name