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Richard Sullivan

Richard Sullivan

Name : Richard SullivanRace :HumanAge :21

An Havenite, born and bred, this man has lived enough to know about the peculiarities and secrets of this small American town.

Growing up

Raised by his father, and educated in Blackfield's academy, Richard is one of those many who decide not to stick for college in Blackfield, and, seeing it as an opportunity for freedom, party and independence, he moved to Boston, where he was enrolled as a college student.

Back in Haven

COVID-19 took Richard's father away from this world too soon, and Richard returned home, with a sense of... duty - probably misplaced - on the need to continue his father's work.

Into the Temple

Like his father, Richard is a member of Haven's chapter of The Temple. Unlike his father, he has no time to grow up in its ranks: the Day of Red had its impact even in the Temple's ranks, and even duty is now an heavy burden, even for the Temple's young recruits.


"I sometimes forget that he is so young. We are all learning a lot from each other." - Voia.

"You are right about a great many things. Without the little ray of hope in Pandora's box, we're all in for a terrible time. Don't lose it." - Cynthia.

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