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Rohesia Greye

Rohesia Greye

"Then I will master this 'Snapchat'..."

Character Info

Gender Female
Birth Date October 12
Birth Place Navorost
Faction Blackfield Academy - Stage 3 Advanced
Association The Kingdom of Nar
Description a long-legged, dark-haired miss



Rohesia is not the average Earth teenager - though she would absolutely like to be. Born to members of the Kingdom of Nar and raised in a Navorosti orphanage, this Wildling teenager has always been fascinated with the visitors to the Wilds who come from other places. Rather than take up an apprenticeship as would be expected of a youth in Nar, she asked the orphanage's Headmistress for a chance to gain knowledge.

The Headmistress accepted, and despite the cultural differences of Navorost and Haven, enrolled Rohesia in the Blackfield Academy to learn the ways of the world outside of the Wilds. An enthusiastic learner, she can be found on campus, trying to master all subjects and gaining a new grasp on technology not offered in cultures in the Wilds.

RP Hooks/Abilities

RP Hooks / Abilities

Offworlder - Rohesia doesn't come from the world everyone's familiar with. Instead, Rohesia comes from the Wilds, through a portal and enrolled in the Blackfield Institute's academy by the headmistress of her orphanage in Navorost.

Scholar - Despite the fact that Ro hasn't experienced a traditional education, thanks to the technology level of the Kingdom of Nar, she's got a high level of intelligence. She latches on to new concepts with ravenous interest and retains information well, leading to her gaining new skills quickly.

Budding Doctor - But not that kind of doctor. Ever since Mister Laine told her about doctorates, Rohesia's been determined to receive one, no matter how long it takes. Look out, college; here she comes.

Texting - Thusfar, the art of text messages has been Ro's greatest achievement, enabling her to engage her peers and teachers at a distance despite sitting in the common room or greenhouse.

Embroidery - Embroidering is a suitable hobby for a young adult female. Ro took to it with gusto when the headmistress taught her in Navorost. It's her only hobby, rivaling a love of chamber music and long skirts with bold, floral prints.

Other Stats

Vice and Sin / Virtues / Play List




A whizzing rocket that would emulate a star.




The art of being truthful.


"That girl gives me a headache." - Dr. Spilsbury