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Ronald Cooper

Name: Doctor Ronald Cooper

Archetype: Blackfield Staff

Association: The Blackfield Institute

Occupation: Librarian


+Why's He in Haven+

Hired to join Blackfield Academy as a librarian, Ronald keeps mostly to himself and his books, preferring to let real teachers do most of the serious educating.

+Where Does He Fit in a Supernatural World+

He is a librarian specializing in history at a school for supernaturals creatures.

+How Does He Deal With the Lurking Horrors+

Having dedicated his life to the research of the occult and supernatural he is pretty well inoculated to the things that bump in the dark. Doesn't mean he doesn't get scared once in a while.

RP Hooks

ø Much to my mother's dismay -

ø Occultist -

ø Blackfield -

Supernatural Outlook

ø Educated -

ø Researcher -


Alfred said: "Thanks for introducing me to Hohman, Doctor Cooper. I'll be returning 'The Long Hidden Friend' to the library soon enough.

Person said: "Comment.