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Roslyn Redgrave

Roslyn Redgrave

" This is a gift, it comes with a price

Who is the lamb and who is the knife? "

Character Information



Birth Date:

12 March 2004




The Blackfield Academy


A demure girl with a curly copper-red bob


July Talk - Beck + Call

Florence + The Machine - Queen of Peace

Florence + The Machine - Hunger


RP Hooks

Academy Girl

Roslyn is a student of the Blackfield Academy in the Advanced class. Newly enrolled this semester, she can often be found somewhere on the grounds, either studying, socialising, or trying to persuade herself through another unappetising cafeteria meal. She is always keen to catch up on a lesson, and has plenty of eager questions to ask regarding this new supernatural world.

Angel's Blood

Roslyn is angelborn, and a young one - it is only in the last couple of months that her condition has started to manifest as she reaches physical maturity. She is often seen flitting from social group to group, trying to soothe hurts and meet needs with little understanding of the source of these urges, or the danger of accepting them without question.

Dancing Dilettante

A ballet student since the age of eight, Roslyn is an experienced dancer. She is always happy to teach her fellow students a few moves, or simply to show off. A practice session with a fellow performer would be an excellent way to get to know her.

Hopeless Romantic

Likely a combination of her angel's blood and her natural inclination, Roslyn is terribly innocent and easily influenced. The idea of romance preoccupies her a lot, leaving her vulnerable to manipulation by the less trustworthy.


"I can't... I just can't. Not yet." - Kenzie

"They call it Devil's Food, and that's all boring girls end up being." - A Shit Kid

"Tshhh-tshhh." - Tanya

"When I figure out how to get rid of these dumb emotions I know we can be a great team again. Just give it time, okay?" - Alfred

"I'd pick you... If I was him!" - Wendy

"Youhave that power to say no, to fight back, to perfect yourself alone. Just remember you could be hurting someone you love if you attack the wrong person." - Alfred

"A comment." - Character's Name

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